The Best Small Business Apps for 2023

Find out more about the most popular small business apps with pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on February 9th, 2023

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This is the year to make every part of your business faster, more efficient, and more accurate. Set your payroll on autopilot, get better benefits for your employees, find better employees, keep a better eye on your bottom line, and communicate with customers more effectively.

Some of these products are so cheap, that there's a good chance your office is spending more on coffee than what it would cost to revolutionize your payroll, accounting, HR, and marketing.

If you're not using this software now, you're missing an opportunity. Pretty soon it will be a basic part of keeping up with the competition. This is the year!

Our Choices for Best Small Business Apps:

It wasn't easy to narrow down choices for the best small business apps. There are so many options. But we thought hard about which ones had the potential to bring the biggest gains to small businesses, which would give them the most gain, with the least energy spent, and came up with the list below.

Payroll, hiring, benefits, marketing, and sales can be so easy and smooth with the right technology in place.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Business Apps:

  1. If you're not sure where to start, consider some of the more complicated, time-consuming parts of your business, such as HR, marketing, and communications. If you're not using any web-based technology in these areas, you'll want to at least try something.
  2. Figure out the full monthly cost for your team, estimate the benefits, and come up with specific metrics the app will need to change to be worthwhile. Use a free trial to see if the benefits you need are really attainable.
  3. Don't be afraid to test apps, and don't be afraid to dump them if it's not right for your organization.

Best Small Business Apps:





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$40.00 /mo. + $6.00 /employee

Payroll, HR, and benefits take up a lot of time. But using Gusto makes it fast, easy, and affordable.

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$32.99 /user /mo.

Use RingCentral's VoIP system to get the most advanced phone features for your business at a low price.

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Free and paid options.

Easy to set up point of sale software that makes paying fast and easy.

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From $1.70 /mo.

Cloud-based accounting software for sending invoices, tracking time, and managing receipts.

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$39.00 /mo.

Hiring is harder than it has ever been. Betterteam posts your jobs to all the best sites for reaching candidates and makes it easy to track them through the hiring process.

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Free and paid options.

Build an email list, segment it, and send the right message to the right customers at the right time.

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ADP TotalSource

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ADP's TotalSource professional employer organization helps you provide employees with professional HR service and top-notch benefits.

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Best Apps For Small Business

What is the best small business app?

What is the best business expense tracker app for mobile phones?

One of the most popular small business expense tracking tools is the business expense tracker app from QuickBooks. QuickBooks is one of the best expense report apps because all of your expenses will be automatically added to your QuickBooks account in real-time.

Can the Gusto payroll app perform automated payroll?

The Gusto payroll app for small businesses is one of the leading payroll solutions. Gusto can sync with your other accounting tools and schedules to automate the whole payroll process.

Can I use small business accounting apps to create invoices?

Most small business mobile apps for accounting, such as QuickBooks and Wave, have invoicing features built into the app to allow you to create new invoices on the go.

Best Business Apps

What are small business management apps?

Small business management apps are more commonly just called project management apps. These tools help to organize projects and streamline your overall workflow. Some of the best project management tools include Asana, Teamwork, and Basecamp.

What is the best app for small business accounting?

It really depends on how large your business is and how complicated your accounting needs are. Some of the most popular small business apps for accounting are QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Wave Accounting.

Are there any record-keeping apps that I can use for my business?

Record-keeping apps are particularly useful in medical offices and legal practices. Some of the most popular record-keeping apps are AdvancedMD and eFileCabinet. These are all great solutions for small businesses with extensive records.

Business Start Up Apps

What are the best business start-up apps?

What are business organization apps?

Business organization apps, like project management tools, help businesses to organize their workflow and streamline tasks. Organization tasks also make it easier to book appointments and notify team members when meetings are coming up. Examples include Asana, Google Calendar, and Evernote.

Are there any free options?

Yes, you can check out our article on free small business apps.

Best Small Business Management Apps

What are the best small business management apps?