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Updated on July 2nd, 2019

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eFileCabinet is document management software that enables users to store documents, content, and records either on-site or in the cloud. eFileCabinet serves various industries such as accounting, banking, construction, healthcare, law, insurance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, oil and gas, and education.


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$55.00 per user


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eFileCabinet Reviews

Pros: Operates at high speed. Strong customer support. Flexible product. Gives you control over all your documentation.

Cons: Inaccessible when internet is down. User interface not that intuitive.

Bottomline: Enables your employees to collaborate smarter and faster.

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James Blaylock




Lehi, UT

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CEO and President

Jesse Wood


3300 North Ashton Boulevard, Suite 400, Lehi, UT, United States 84043


+1 877-574-5505



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Nrdrge - reddit.com

We've recently implemented eFileCabinet for a small accounting firm, and they love it. The initial migration is mostly handled by the vendor, and I've found it pretty powerful and it scales up and down really well. Security is separate from AD, so there is the pain of having a second set of credentials to manage.

Triggs399 - reddit.com

We have used eFileCabinet and Smartvault at our firm. I really like eFileCabinet, but our firm uses Lacerte for tax—so we switched to SmartVault since it integrated. It is a good program, but the customer support is horrible with SmartVault. If you don’t need integration, I would go with eFileCabinet. I think their client portal is a little easier to manage and you can print your tax returns to the program as a PDF. You can even archive emails to eFileCabinet.

‎Fredrik Wood‎ - facebook.com

I have been an eFileCabinet user for a few years and it has been a great value to my business, even if it does have a few quirks that a bigger system would not have. I have been happy because it saves my business money. However, I just contracted with them to extend my maintenance contract and upgrade after they hassled me to do it several times, and after upgrading I found out that the new version does not display files consistently in the correct order. I am very disappointed because this now make my business much harder to run, and they tell me it is a known problem and they are working on it. I must say that I believe a quality company would tell its loyal customers to hold off when such a serious problem occurs. I don't believe it is fair business practice to hide problems just to make a sale. The only somewhat saving grace is that at least they admitted it was their problem when I talked to a technician about it, and hopefully it won't be much longer.

Suzanne Burnell‎ - facebook.com

I purchased eFileCabinet for our small business. I was promised that it would assist us in secure file transfer. After two months of trying to get the secure file transfer working with our Google Apps and a technical team whose response to me was "not my problem," I have asked for a refund. But this seems to be a problem too.

richard.guevarez - facebook.com

I acquired the software the past month of July and, at first, it seemed like it would solve all of our document management problems. I was initially drawn to your software because of the workflow capabilities. We thought it would work out of the box, as the information in your website said it did. However, we encountered many issues and ended up speaking with your IT department to solve the issues. We ended up deploying the implementation of the software on November. Everything was working fine... until we had to stop using the software due to other issues with programming.We stopped using the software and we’ve tried to get it functioning as soon as possible, since it’s a software we paid for before using it. However, we haven’t received a response since December. It’s really frustrating because it’s a service we paid for and have not been getting.


What is eFileCabinet's price range?

eFileCabinet's monthly pricing ranges between $15.00 and $55.00 per user.

See our [price list] (#pricing) for more information.

Is there an eFileCabinet free trial?

Yes. eFileCabinet offers 14-day free trials.