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Updated on November 13th, 2023

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Basecamp is a cloud-based project management tool. Small to medium-sized businesses can use Basecamp to organize their projects and assign tasks to employees. Basecamp makes it easy to streamline your workflow and collaborate with other team members.





$15.00 /user /mo.

Basecamp Pro Unlimited

$299.00 /mo. (billed annually)


Pros: Fantastic integration and scheduling capabilities.

Cons: There is no time-tracking or invoicing feature available although it can be integrated at your expense.

Bottomline: Great project management platform to facilitate efficient processes at your business.

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Jan 01, 1999


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What is Basecamp used for?

Basecamp is a cloud-based project management platform that enables businesses to organize their projects and assign tasks to employees in a single, streamlined package.

Does Basecamp have a free version?

Yes. Basecamp offers a 30-day free trial.

How do I create a project in Basecamp?

  • Go to the Basecamp Dashboard.
  • Click "Create Your First Project".
  • Enter a name for your project in the "Name the Project" text box.
  • Specify who can access the project.
  • Click the "Create This Project" button.

Does Basecamp do Gantt charts?

Yes. Basecamp has excellent capabilities in creating Gantt charts using Ganttify

Does Basecamp have time tracking?

Yes. You can integrate Time Doctor with Basecamp in order to enable time tracking and record activities on your projects and tasks.

What are the main features of Basecamp?

  • To-do lists.
  • Message boards.
  • Schedules.
  • Documents and file storage.
  • Real-time group chat.
  • Check-in questions.
  • Client access.
  • Hill charts.
  • Reports.
  • Notifications.

What is the difference between Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3?

Basecamp 2 is an older version of the Basecamp project management software. Basecamp 2 is still supported and can be purchased at a starting price of just $20.00 per month. Basecamp 3 is the new and improved version with added features.

What are the benefits of using Basecamp?

  • Work will be in one organized place.
  • Everyone will be on the same page.
  • Projects will get off the ground faster.
  • You'll know exactly what’s going on.
  • You'll spend less time in meetings.

Is there a mobile app for Basecamp?

Yes. Basecamp has mobile apps available for Android, Windows and iPhone users.

Basecamp Alternatives

What are some alternatives to Basecamp?