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Updated on December 29th, 2019

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Gusto is a software company that creates web-based benefits, payroll, and human resource management software for small and medium-sized businesses that are based in the United States.

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Plan Name

Monthly Fee


$39.00 (base price) + $6.00 per employee


$39.00 (base price) + $12.00 per employee


$149.00 (base price) + $12.00 per employee

Optional Add-Ons:


Setup Fee


Health Benefits


$0.00 /mo. (pay only for premiums)

401(k) Retirement Plans


$39.00 /mo. (base price) + $8.00 per participating employee

Workers’ Compensation Insurance


$0.00 /mo. (pay only for premiums)

529 College Savings Plans


$18.00 /mo. (includes 3 participants, extra participants are each $6.00 /mo.)

Health Savings Account (HSA)


$2.50 per participant /mo.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)


$20.00 /mo. (includes 5 participants, extra participants are each $4.00 /mo.)

Commuter Benefits


$20.00 /mo. (includes 5 participants, extra participants are each $4.00 /mo.)

Service Charge


$200.00 /yr. total for the Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Commuter Benefits


Gusto is our top pick overall for payroll software. It's reliable – an essential quality for payroll software – easy to use, and saves businesses a lot of time.

It had the second-highest number of features among all the software we reviewed, beat only by Zenefits. Zenefits has data migration, activity dashboard, banking information management, and year-round record keeping.

Gusto has all of the standard payroll software features, including automated taxes, the ability to handle all tax forms, compliance management, and multi-state payroll. It also has net-to-gross calculations and easy payroll cancellations.

Gusto also has features like flexible payroll schedules, multiple payroll schedules, and unlimited payrolls, which top competitor Zenefits is missing. It's loaded with nice-to-have features, too, like the ability to pay contractors, bonus and off-cycle payrolls, 256-bit SSL encryption, and the ability to take digital signatures.

Finally, it's got several rare features, like taking into account the federal R&D tax credit, which can offset payroll for small businesses and startups doing R&D. It has the ability to allow employees to have charitable donations taken directly from their checks, something only one other payroll software offers. And it has lifetime accounts, which means that even after employees leave the company they can login to Gusto and get information like old paystubs – a feature that most services, including Quickbooks, do not have.

Gusto is also very affordable, and with such a broad range of features, we can recommend it to just about any company.

Key Information:

Legal Name



Joshua Reeves

Founding Date

Nov 01, 2011


525 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (844) 295-6665



What is the price range of Gusto?

Gusto's pricing ranges from $39.00 (base price) + $6.00 per employee per month to $149.00 (base price) + $12.00 per employee per month. This includes Gusto Payroll pricing. Gusto also offers various optional add-ons that are priced individually.

How do I get in contact with Gusto support?

You can reach Gusto support for payroll at the Gusto customer support phone number, (844) 302-5664. Gusto hours for customer service are from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can also get help on the Gusto website by clicking "Chat with us" in the lower right corner. For questions about benefits email

Is there a Gusto app for my iPhone?

There isn't a Gusto payroll app for iOS or Android, for that matter, but they do have a mobile-friendly website that you can access your account from.

What is Gusto?

Gusto is a software company that offers a full suite of web-based services to meet small business HR needs. This includes payroll, benefits, onboarding, compliance and much more.

Does Gusto pay weekly?

Yes. With Gusto, you are able to pay your employees every week on a specific day of the week (52 payrolls per year). You can also set up a multiple pay schedule.

How does Gusto payroll work?

Gusto streamlines processes by combining payroll, health benefits, workers' compensation insurance and automated tax processing. The software is accessible from any web-based device.

Does Gusto pay on weekends?

No. Any payroll processing done on a weekend or bank holiday will only begin processing on the next business day.

Does Gusto track time?

Yes. With Gusto, you can automatically track, review and approve your team's working hours.

Does Gusto charge for contractors?

Yes, you can also pay contractors through Gusto. The software also automatically files and emails contractors their 1099s at the end of the year.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Dec 01, 2018


Fast forward to ongoing frustration with Paychex and the difficulty of their archaic processes. I decided to hit up one of the simple online startups for HR that was more with the times and cancelled my contract with Paychex and switched to Gusto. This has been an amazing difference. I am receiving better support, it is 100x easier to use, and it costs considerably less.

Chris Coyier

Reviewed: Nov 21, 2018

Source: Codepen

We use Gusto for our payroll. It's user-friendly and reliable. It also has handy features for employees to manage their own tax withholding or make charitable donations directly from their paychecks.


Reviewed: Oct 31, 2018

Source: Reddit

For managing payroll for a small business, I highly recommend looking at Gusto. We use them and it’s great. Direct deposit into employees accounts. They create and file all of the tax reports to government.


Reviewed: Oct 17, 2018

Source: Reddit

Just switched from Gusto to JustWorks. JustWorks is much more expensive but they offer a lot more benefits even for super small two-person businesses like ours.Even though we are paying more per month in subscription for payroll now we are saving more than what we are paying extra by going with them and saving on health, dental and life insurance. And now the business pays for that stuff for us as an expense instead of us paying it out of pocket.If you have benefits/want benefits and you’re a small business check them out. They’ll give you quotes, etc before you have to sign up so you can determine if it’ll be more affordable in the long run.Edit: Gusto was really great for what we needed it for. But them not allowing benefits for an owners-only small business kinda sucked. But in terms of ease-of-use and stuff it was great.


Reviewed: Oct 17, 2018

Source: Reddit

Gusto really is the best at what they do. I've had no problems using it.


Reviewed: Oct 08, 2018

Source: Twitter

We use Gusto for our contractors, it works well.

Jessica Berkley

Reviewed: Sep 25, 2018

Source: Beyond Balanced Books

We love Gusto at BBB! In fact, we use Gusto for our own payroll!


Reviewed: Sep 22, 2018

Source: Twitter

We used Gusto for payroll for a long time, seemed pretty simple. Not sure if they do international stuff though.


Reviewed: Jun 06, 2018

Source: Hacker News

Our small company, of 7 full timers and a handful of part timers, switched to Gusto for payroll about a year ago. I know our founder who had previously managed all this himself has saved himself a ton of time and stress. He's generally a frugal person, so if he was won over it's probably worth a look. Since then I've know a few other agencies who have switched to Gusto as well. From an employees perspective I have to say it's been great. I get emails when I get paid, I can easily grab my paystubs, and access to my W-2 without and issue.

Mike Shaefer

Reviewed: Jun 25, 2018

Source: Starter Story

We use Gusto for processing payroll. We love being able to access all our data anywhere with a wifi connection.