Best HR Software for 2019

Find the best HR software for your business with pricing information, customer ratings and FAQs for the leading HR software solutions.

Updated on June 25th, 2019

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HR software is used by human resources personnel to manage their employees. The software can include hiring and recruitment tools, a company knowledge base, workforce management features, and other administration tools.

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Gusto Payroll, Benefits, and HR

Our top pick for HR software.

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For onboarding, PTO, compliance and more.

77% of customers say Gusto eliminates tedious tasks.

76% of customers say Gusto makes compliance easier.

Best HR Software:

Our Rank


Minimum Price



$39.00 + $6.00 /user /mo.



$5.00 /user + $40.00



$2.00 /user /mo.


Bamboo HR

$4.00 /user /mo.


ClearCompany HRM

$7.00 /user /mo.



$15.00 - $30.00 /user /mo.


Paycor Perform

$11.15 /user /mo.



$99 /job /mo.


Zoho People

$0.83 /user /mo.



Contact for price.


ADP Workforce Now

Contact for price.



$3.00 /user /mo.



$3.00 /user /mo.



Contact for price.



Quote only.


What is HR management software?

Human Resources Management System (HRMS), also know as Human Resources Information System (HRIS), refers to the combination of HR software and processes with information technology.

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What are some examples of HRIS systems?

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What is an HR platform?

An HR platform is a software system that handles multiple aspects of HR, such as onboarding, payroll, PTO, and benefits.

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Best Human Resource Software

Which is the best HR software?

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What does HR software cost?

Most human resource software costs anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 per employee per month. Advanced programs or enterprise solutions can cost more and sometimes charge for a package rather than per user.

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Can human resources software be used for payroll administration?

Some HR management software, like Paycor Perform, includes a fully functional payroll administration dashboard in their software. This integration with other HR system tools makes it particularly easy to add new employees to your payroll system when they are hired.

Do HR software vendors offer customer support and troubleshooting?

As with all software services, HR software packages come with access to technical support. There is usually a phone number or email address on the software provider's website that you can contact. Some HR software companies also communicate via a live chat feature so you can start talking to a support agent immediately.

Do HR software programs track employees' vacation time?

Most HR software systems have a time and attendance feature that allows you to manually or automatically track how many sick days and vacation days your employees have used for the year.

Can my business use HR personnel software to administer employee benefits?

Benefits administration is a popular feature for human resource management software and the majority of the best HR software includes a benefits administration tool. With Namely, for instance, you can integrate your employee benefits package into the HR manager software and manage it from there.

Top Hr Software

What is the top HR software available online?

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What does HRIS stand for?

HRIS stands for human resources information system. The best HRIS systems have a variety of tools, including benefits administration, payroll, time tracking, hiring management, etc.

Is human resource management system software necessary for a very small business (5-20 employees)?

HR software solutions can be purchased from human resources software companies in many different configurations. The cost of an HR system for a small business is minimal when you consider the organizational capacity that it will give you. You may be able to function without it, but the software will help to make your business more efficient.

Are there any free options?

Yes, you can read our article on free HR software to learn more.