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Compare Sage 50cloud to QuickBooks, Freshbooks, and other software, learn about features, integrations, and different packages offered. Read customer reviews.

Updated on February 9th, 2023

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Sage 50cloud is a desktop accounting software with cloud features created for small to medium-sized companies. The software offers a range of features including bookkeeping, taxes, invoices, and cash flow tools. Users can also view their financial statements from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Sage 50cloud is a strong accounting solution for accountants and business owners that have accounting experience. It offers great features on a locally-installed platform that has the mobility of cloud software. Sage 50cloud also incorporates Microsoft Office 365 for a local, hard drive-based software that can share data via the cloud.


Sage 50cloud is an excellent accounting software platform that can manage both accrual and cash-basis accounting. It offers a wide range of useful features as well as a large pool of third-party integrations. The customer, vendor, and inventory item records are thorough and in-depth and offer great detail. Sage also offers detailed, interactive reporting with customizable filters. Their mobile app allows users to create invoices, record payments, and synchronize with Sage 50cloud.


Sage 50cloud is quite expensive, especially when compared to competitors like FreshBooks and QuickBooks. Adding additional users as well as some of Sage's integrations and add-ons, such as Sage Payroll, Paya Payment Gateway, Microsoft Office, also add to the price.

While the name suggests otherwise, Sage isn't actually cloud-based. It is desktop software with some cloud features, such as storing information on Sage Drive and accessing your Sage account from another device, if Sage 50cloud has already been downloaded onto that device. Sage also has a learning curve as it is geared towards accountants and business owners with accounting backgrounds and has a somewhat outdated user interface.


Sage Group plc is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau but it has an A+ rating. BBB has only received 1 negative customer review with a rating of 1 star. The customer complained about a poor return policy and poor customer service that was difficult to get in contact with.

A search on other review sites found positive customer reviews focus on the easy-to-use software with its simple UX, the strong accounting features with timely updates, and the helpful tech support. Most of the negative reviews complain about outdated and buggy software but, as these reviews are older than the positive reviews, it is safe to say that Sage has fixed this issue and now offers regular updates. Other negative comments focus on the lack of automation in Sage's products.

At a Glance:

Reporting and analysis



Automated bank feeds.

Automatic updates



Yes, invoicing and estimates.

Mobile compatibility

Yes, with remote access.


Yes, convert estimates into invoices, reporting, bank reconciliation.


Yes, screen-level user access and bank-level online security.


Plan Name

Number of Users

Monthly Pricing

Pro Accounting



Premium Accounting



Premium Accounting



Premium Accounting



Quantum Accounting



Quantum Accounting



Quantum Accounting



Quantum Accounting


Quote only.

Microsoft Office 365:

All Sage 50cloud plans have the option of adding Microsoft Office 365 for $150.00 a year to enhance the remote capabilities of Sage 50cloud. Microsoft Office 365 makes key Sage data accessible via the cloud and a range of integrated apps.

Sage 50cloud integrates with Office 365 Business Premium as well as the full Microsoft Small Business Productivity Suite. Users will have access to the following features:

  • Cloud backup with Mircosoft OneDrive.
  • Syncing of Sage 50 contacts with Mircosoft Outlook contacts.
  • Uploading and storage of receipts, invoices, and other important documents when working with Sage Capture.
  • Business, performance, and financial data accessibility from any device.
  • Collaboration using Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.
  • Secure remote access from any device.
  • Customizable and automatic reports for business intelligence from Sage Intelligence as well as access for your accountant.
  • Access to MS Office apps, including MileIQ, One Drive, SharePoint, Teams, CRM, Access, Exchange, Staff Hub, Bookings, and Outlook Customer Manager, as well as 1 TB of storage.


Sage offers various support options for Sage customers. These options include:

  • Sage Knowledgebase - 24/7 access to support articles, production documentation, and software downloads and updates.
  • Sage City - 24/7 access to a community of industry peers, certified partners, and Sage professionals.
  • Sage University - On-demand learning topics and instructor-led classes.
  • Sage Resources - Access to live chats, forums, support groups, and blogs.
  • Pegg - A free digital assistant chatbot for managing business financials and syncing transactions with your Sage account.

Sage 50cloud Packages:

Sage 50cloud offers 3 packages in total, but the pricing for those packages changes depending on the number of users selected. The Pro Accounting plan offers simple accounting features, and each plan thereafter adds more features to the plan.

Basic features in the Pro Accounting plan include accounting, expense management, bill payment, invoicing, financial reconciliation with banks, remote access, inventory tracking and management, Microsoft Office 365 integration, and job costing. The Pro Accounting plan is best suited for entrepreneurs and small businesses with single users.

For a small business with up to 5 users, the Premium Accounting plan is the better option. It offers all of the features of the Pro Accounting plan, including job costing by phase and cost level, tracing transactions and audit trails, and advanced budgeting tools.

Sage 50cloud is also suitable for medium-sized businesses with up to 40 users. Their Quantum Accounting plan offers all the features of the Pro and Premium Accounting plans, as well as managing multiple companies, offering role-based security, and offering industry-specific features, particularly for the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and nonprofit industries.

All Sage 50cloud plans also come with automatic updates and enhancements, U.S.-based telephone support, online chat support, a resource library, and the Sage City 24/7 community of industry peers, certified Sage partners, and Sage professionals.


Pro Accounting

Premium Accounting

Quantum Accounting

Best for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Best for small businesses.

Best for medium-sized businesses.

1 user.

1 - 5 users.

Up to 40 users.

Simple accounting software.

Advanced accounting software.

Advanced accounting software.

No industry specific features.

No industry specific features.

Industry specific features for construction, distribution, manufacturing, and nonprofit.

Sage 50cloud vs. FreshBooks
Sage 50cloud vs. FreshBooks:

While Sage 50cloud offers the inventory management and industry-specific functionalities that are missing from FreshBooks, FreshBooks has the tax reports, recurring billing, and time tracking that is missing from Sage. With a starting price of $50.58 per month, Sage 50cloud isn't as cost-effective as FreshBooks, which has a starting price of $1.70 per month.

Sage 50cloud vs. FreshBooks Comparison:


Sage 50cloud


Starting Price

$50.58 /mo.

$1.70 /mo.

Highest Price

Custom pricing.

Custom pricing.

Customizable Invoices



Expense Tracking



Inventory Tracking



Tax Reports



Sage 50cloud vs. QuickBooks
Sage 50cloud vs. QuickBooks:

With a starting price of $15.00 per month, QuickBooks is a more affordable option than Sage, but it does not reconcile your financials with your bank, an important feature that is available to Sage users. On the other hand, Sage does not track taxes or offer tax reports, while QuickBooks tracks sales taxes and organizes expenses into tax categories.

Sage 50cloud vs. QuickBooks Online Comparison:


Sage 50cloud


Starting Price

$50.58 /mo.

$7.50 /mo.

Highest Price

Contact for quote.

$100.00 /mo.

Customizable Invoices



Expense Tracking



Inventory Tracking



Tax Reports


No, focuses on tracking sales tax and creating tax categories.

Take a look at our article on the best accounting software providers for detailed comparisons between Sage 50cloud, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks.




Financial Management

Prepare quotes that convert into invoices and sales orders, record purchases and expenses, keep track of payments due.

Sales Optimization

Serialize inventory and track item information, including cost, price, number, and description.

Performance Analysis

View reports on sales, taxes, expenses, and profits for informed business decisions. View dashboards for available cash, receivables, expenses, and inventory.

Remote Access

Work from anywhere with secure remote access and designate additional users for remote tasks with Sage Drive Multiuser.

Advanced Security

Screen-level user access and bank-level online security.


Remain up-to-date with tax and payroll laws and remain compliant with GAAC, CCPA, GDPR, EIN, W-2 and W-4 payroll, small business tax, nonprofit 501C3, and more.




AP/AR Automation

Credit Hound for Sage 50cloud, Sage AP Automation, InvoiceSharing, GetMyInvoices.

Cashflow and Debt Tracking

Credit Hound for Sage 50cloud, Chata, Prophix, Armatic, CollBox, Entryless, WOWinflow.


GUMU Integration, DBSync, OnePageCRM.

Data Integration

Edisoft Merchant Cloud, GUMU Integration, SPS Commerce, CADLink, Skynamo, Sage Data & Analytics, Zynk Workflow, eBridge Connections, Flashnode, Flowgear, Jitterbit, DBSync, Maestrano, AutoEntry, PieSync, EDIBase, InvoiceSharing, SYNC.

Document Management

DocLink, Edisoft Merchant Cloud, V1, PrintBoss, Neat.


Aphix Cloud Platform, Commercebuild, eBridge Connections, Lightspeed Retail, Datalinx Warehouse Manager, NCR Small Business, EDIBase, ePages, ProtectBox.

Field Services and Time Tracking


Financial Services

CollBox, Entryless, Veryfi, Stripe, Bilendo.


Sage Inventory Advisor, Inventory Requirements Planning, iVend Retail, Return Material Authorizations.

Invoices and Expenses

Paya Payment Processing, V1, Abukai, Armatic, Certify, Teamleader CRM, Rydoo, Veryfi, AutoEntry, Neat, Bilendo.

Jobs and Projects

Aritmos, LYNQ, Sage X3 Construction, Simple-Simon.

Payments and Banking

Sage Checks and Forms, Paya Payment Processing, Talech, PrintBoss, Stripe, Payments powered by BOLT.

Payroll and HR

Sage Checks and Forms, Clockodo.

Point of Sale

iVend Retail, Epos Now, Lightspeed Retail, Talech, NCR Small Business, Payments powered by BOLT.

Professional/Advisory Services

My Business Manager, ProtectBox.

Reporting and Forecasting

Chata, Prophix, True Sky, Sage Data and Analytics, Host Analytics, Sage X3 Construction, Syft Analytics, Maestrano, My Business Manager, OnePageCRM, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, WOWinflow, Power BI Connector for Sage, DataQlick.

Shipping and Logistics

sedApta Suite Solutions, xCarrier for Sage, SmartLinc.

Taxation and Compliance

Avalara AvaTax for Sage 50cloud.

Warehouse Management

Sage Operations Management, Sage Production Management, Inventory Requirements Planning, Shop Floor for Sage Production Management, Manufacturing Mobility for Barcode, Enhanced Scheduling, Product Configurator, Datalinx Warehouse Manager.


Sage Alerts and Workflow, LYNQ, CADLink.

Other Products:

The Sage Group has a wide range of products for various business needs, such as payroll and HR, business management, payments and banking, and solutions for accountants and partners.

A brief list of Sage products include:

Key Information:

Legal Name

Sage Software, Inc.


David Goldman

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1981


271 17th Street NW, Suite 1100, Atlanta, GA 30363

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (877) 495-9904



What is Sage 50cloud's price range?

Sage 50cloud's pricing starts at $20.00 per month for the company software. You pay an additional $3.00 per user and extra costs for added features.

What are the main features of Sage 50cloud?

Does Sage 50cloud offer any mobile payment options?

Yes. Sage 50cloud uses Paya that gives you the convenience of accepting mobile payments. It allows you to apply a payment to an existing invoice right from your mobile device. Paya supports the following payment types:

  • Credit card.
  • Debit card.
  • Checks.
  • Electronic checks.
  • Gift cards.
  • Loyalty programs.

Is there a Sage 50cloud free trial?

Yes, Sage 50cloud offers a 35-day free-trial.