Discover more about OnPay — a top-rated payroll solution for small businesses. Includes OnPay pricing, reviews, comparisons, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 18th, 2022

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Updated 18th of February 2022

We updated mentions of Zenefits to TriNet Zenefits.

Updated 26th of October 2021

We've updated the review to expand on OnPay's features, plans, and integrations.

Updated 13th of February 2020

We added comparisons to Gusto, Zenefits, and QuickBooks.

OnPay is an online full-service payroll solution for small businesses. It's known for its user-friendliness and ability to run payroll fast and efficiently, automate taxes, and perform HR tasks to automate workflow.

Also Consider

Gusto Payroll Software

Set up an account free.

Try Gusto

No extra fees.

Made for mobile.

Auto tax filing and digital paystubs.




Base Fee

From $36.00 + $4.00 /mo. /employee.

Form W-2

$0.00 self-print or $5.00 + shipping fees when printed and mailed to you.


OnPay is one of our top choices for payroll solutions. It provides all standard payroll software features, as well as extra features that clients might enjoy. These include unlimited monthly pay runs, custom reporting, multi-state payroll, and multiple pay schedules.

That said, OnPay is limited in terms of which HR tools are included in the platform. Unlike Gusto, OnPay's leading competitor, OnPay does not feature a native time tracking app and does not have strong performance management tools.


  • The first month and installation are free.
  • Business owners can opt for flexible payment schedules (weekly, biweekly, monthly).
  • Employers can pay contractors and employees at no extra cost.
  • Compared to similar platforms, OnPay's plan is more affordable.
  • OnPay's Base plan includes all features, including unlimited monthly pay runs, e-signatures, direct deposits, and automated tax payments and filings.
  • The platform offers special payroll services for restaurants, farms, nonprofits, and religious institutions.
  • OnPay's employee self-service solution helps save time.
  • OnPay is fully PCI compliant.


  • OnPay is capable of integrating with only a limited number of third-party applications.
  • Employers have to pay an additional $4.00 per employee, which may make large payroll runs more costly.
  • The platform does not offer a time tracking solution.


OnPay has a strong reputation overall. The Better Business Bureau gives OnPay Inc. an A+ rating. The software has an overall 5 out of 5 rating on G2 based on 179 customer reviews. While the majority felt the platform was seamless and packed with helpful features, several customers mentioned its confusing layout and lack of customization features.





From $36.00 + $4.00 /employee.

Monthly runs


Flexible pay schedules

Multi-state payroll

Direct deposits

Time tracking software

No (integrations only).

Mobile app


OnPay vs. Gusto
OnPay vs. Gusto:

OnPay's price is comparable with Gusto's, which starts at $40.00 /mo. + $6.00 per employee. While OnPay has just one pricing plan, Gusto has several tiers with more advanced plans that offer enhanced HR onboarding and reporting tools. However, in terms of payroll, OnPay offers most of the same features that Gusto has.

OnPay vs. Gusto Comparison:




Free trial

30 days.

30 days.

Starting price

$36.00 /mo. + $4.00 /mo. /employee.

$40.00 /mo. + $6.00 /mo. /employee.

Time tracking

Only with integrations.

Yes (with Complete plan).

Pay 1099 contractors

Unlimited payroll runs

Lifetime accounts

OnPay vs. TriNet Zenefits
OnPay vs. TriNet Zenefits:

TriNet Zenefits has a $6.00 per employee per month payroll add-on that can be combined with any of their HR plans.TriNet Zenefits appears to offer more detailed payroll reporting but otherwise has a similar payroll feature set. Comparatively, OnPay is a payroll solution with HR functions, while TriNet Zenefits is an HR solution with a payroll add-on.

OnPay vs. TriNet Zenefits Comparison:



TriNet Zenefits

Free trial

30 days.


Starting price

$36.00 /mo. + $4.00 /mo. /employee.

$6.00 /mo. /employee (Only available as an add-on).

Direct deposit

Payroll reporting

Employee portal

Lifetime accounts

OnPay vs. Quickbooks
OnPay vs. QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Payroll is more costly than OnPay, with a starting price of $45.00 /mo. + $4.00 per employee. QuickBooks is popular among business owners who already use QuickBooks for their accounting tasks, which syncs with their payroll. QuickBooks does not offer time tracking with their base plan, while OnPay allows you to integrate time tracking.

OnPay vs. QuickBooks Comparison:




Free trial

30 days.

30 days.

Starting price

$36.00 /mo. + $4.00 /mo. /employee.

$45.00 /mo. + $4.00 /mo. /employee.

Automatic deductions

Pay employees in any state

Pay 1099 contractors

Extra cost of $14.99 per 3 contractors.

Payroll reports



Time Tracking


Small Business Lending


When I Work

Think HR








Key Information:

Legal Name

OnPay, Inc.


Jesse Burgess

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


1230 Peachtree St. NE, Ste. 1250, Atlanta, GA 30309

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (877) 328-6505




Is OnPay a good company?

Yes, OnPay is a credible cloud-based solution for small business owners. OnPay offers a cost-effective payroll system that can process payroll on a customized schedule, withhold tax, and file tax forms.

What is OnPay payroll?

OnPay is a full-featured payroll system that can handle limitless payroll runs, direct deposits, and tax deductions. The system is entirely cloud-based, and it includes a self-service solution for employees to help automate procedures.

Is Patriot payroll legit?

Yes, Patriot Software's payroll solution is an award-winning that holds an A+ rating on the BBB website.

Is OnPay free?

Only the first month of OnPay is free. OnPay's paid plan starts at $36.00 per month, plus $4.00 per employee per month.

Does OnPay have time tracking?

OnPay does not offer a native time tracking feature. However, employers can integrate their system with a number of third-party time tracking software.

How much does it cost to use OnPay?

The first month is free. Thereafter, OnPay charges a base fee of $36.00 per month, plus $4.00 per employee per month. Clients only pay for the number of active employees.

Which features are included in OnPay payroll services?

OnPay capabilities include employee self-onboarding, payment via direct deposit, debit card or check, automated payroll taxes, unlimited pay runs, and fast performance. OnPay also integrates with top accounting, HR, and time-tracking software.

Is there an OnPay app?

No, but OnPay's site is mobile-friendly.

How do I get in touch with OnPay customer service?

The OnPay customer service phone number is 1 (877) 328-6505 and you can reach them on weekdays between 9 am - 8 pm (ET). OnPay also has a Knowledge Center which can be found under Resources on their webpage.