Sage Intacct Reviews, Pricing, and Ratings

Learn about Sage Intacct’s accounting services for businesses. Includes info on Sage Intacct, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on June 4th, 2019

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Sage Intacct is a cloud financial management platform for businesses. Sage Intacct’s solutions include accounting and cash management, financial reporting, subscription billing and contract management. Businesses can use Sage Intacct to streamline financial processes.

Sage Intacct Pricing:

Sage Intacct does not list pricing on their website. Other websites list Sage Intacct’s pricing at approximately $400.00 per month for small businesses and between $2,000.00 to $10,000.00 per month for larger businesses. These prices are per user, and you will not require additional hardware to use the product.

Sage Intacct Reviews
Sage Intacct Review:

Pros: Great integration capabilities and easily customizable.

Cons: The report generation capability could be improved.

Bottomline: Amazing platform to facilitate efficient financial management.

Sage Intacct News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 7, 2019

Sage Named to FORTUNE Best Workplaces for Diversity List

Sage Intacct Key Information:


Odysseas Tsatalos, David Thomas

Year Founded



San Jose, CA


Robert Reid

Number of Customers



1 (877) 437-7765


300 Park Avenue, Suite 1400, San Jose, CA 95110, USA


Sage Intacct FAQs:

Is there a Sage Intacct free trial?

Yes, a 30-day free trial is available here. You will need to furnish some personal and business details. No credit card is required.

Where can I find the Sage Intacct login?

You can go to and “Sign In” at the top right corner of the homepage.

What are some Sage Intacct alternatives?

Sage Intacct Reviews:



kevin-lalor -

We often recommend Intacct to our clients who are looking primarily for core financials. Intacct allows you to apply dimensions attributes to your transactions allowing you to maintain a simple COA while enabling flexible reporting against by utilizing dimension data. Once your requirements expand beyond core accounting, Intacct becomes challenging. Even Intacct's purchasing module is not well integrated.

jordan-krizman -

Financial Reporting is the only thing that I have found where Intacct is superior to NetSuite. The reports have more flexibility, the customization is much easier and intuitive, and they also “look better”. Lastly, they have the ability to do “groupings” and also automatically run the group...

philominicano -

I looove Intacct but it’s a bit on the expensive side. I would say it’s worth it if you have over 5 million in revenue. I think you’re gonna be looking at potentially 10k a year, not including implementation costs. It’s worth it if you have the money to spend and it streamlines your workflows.That said, you’re able to attach files to specific transactions, which makes it easy if you need to drill down and see the source documentation for an entry. The big draw for Intacct is the dimension structures, so you can maintain a lean Chart of Accounts, and the reporting tools/dashboard.Edit: want to add that 10k is for roughly three business users but the pricing can vary. You should get in touch with a local Intacct implementation consultant to get a quote that matches your specific needs.

kathyroowho -

Intacct, good for subscription based business, apparently

JoeTony6 -

Intacct is pretty user friendly, but I guess it would hinge on whether or not it would play nice with your ERP.