RUN Powered by ADP® Review

Learn about RUN Powered by ADP® payroll software for small businesses. Includes info on RUN Powered by ADP®, free trials, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on December 12th, 2019

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RUN Powered by ADP® is a cloud-based payroll software designed for small businesses. ADP RUN helps businesses streamline payroll processes with a selection of useful features, including automated tax and payroll processing, mobile access, and built-in hiring and HR services.


ADP RUN offers a variety of packages, ranging from basic payroll to integrated payroll and HR solutions. Pricing is not disclosed on the website. You can fill out the online contact form or call 1-855-230-6728 to request a quote.

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RUN Powered by ADP® is a user-friendly small business payroll solution, which offers all standard payroll software features. RUN enables fast online payroll processing and easily integrates with other ADP software.

While ADP RUN does not offer 265-bit SSL encryption or the ability to export payroll data as plain text or a spreadsheet, it does offer other useful features, such as the capability to handle charitable donations with automatic deductions, new hire reporting, mobile access, and can be integrated with a variety of third-party software, including Quickbooks and Homebase.

Users looking for less common features like lifetime accounts, expense integration, and federal R&D tax credit, can look to companies like Zenefits and Gusto.

Pricing for ADP RUN packages is not disclosed online. If you get a quote, you'll want to compare it to other offers. APS Payroll and Simple X Payroll offer a similar feature profile with plans starting at $60.00 (monthly base fee) + $5.00 per employee per month and $99.00 (monthly base fee) + $3.00 per employee per pay period, respectively. Our top-rated platforms Gusto and Zenefits offer a greater range of features and start at $39.00 (monthly base fee) + $6.00 per employee per month and $8.00 + $6.00 per employee per month, respectively.

ADP RUN is a good option if you need it to work with other ADP software or one of the other software providers it integrates with.

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What is RUN Powered by ADP?

RUN is a small business payroll software offered by ADP. Features include online payroll processing, automated taxes, mobile access, HR services, and more.

What is the cutoff for ADP payroll?

The cutoff for ADP payroll is at least two banking days before the pay date.

How much does ADP RUN cost?

ADP does not disclose pricing for its payroll software, RUN. You can request a quote by completing the online contact form or calling customer service at 1 (855) 230-6728.

How do I contact ADP payroll?

You can contact the ADP sales department at 1 (855) 230-6728 or the ADP support help center at 1 (844) 227-5237.

What companies use ADP for payroll?

ADP's payroll service is designed for small to medium-sized companies and is used by businesses across different industries, including healthcare, hospitality, social services, retail, manufacturing, and professional services.

Is there a RUN Powered by ADP® free trial?

Yes. When you sign up for small business payroll processing, ADP offers you a free two-month trial.

What are some RUN Powered by ADP® alternatives?

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: May 24, 2016

Source: Reddit

My CPA tried to hook me up with Paychex when I first started doing payroll. After a month and a half of piss poor communication, and delays, I mentioned my issues to a friend who also runs a consulting business. He made a quick call to his ADP rep, and within a week I was completely up an running with ADP. I got the full HR & Payroll Package, as well as Workers Comp insurance, and a Simple-IRA Retirement plan for the business.. all through ADP, and I was set up within a week, and running payroll. So far, it's been as smooth as can be. Zero complaints! ADP!!


Reviewed: May 24, 2016

Source: Reddit

We use ADP Run (online payroll). We process it ourselves on the website. Takes me under 2 minutes. Paychex we used to have to call in and there was constantly errors. Online ensures it's done right. Regardless of which payroll company you use, make sure you can process payroll online!

deleted user

Reviewed: Mar 28, 2014

Source: Reddit

We use Run by ADP its awesome.


Reviewed: Sep 25, 2019

Source: Reddit

I actually do use ADP Run which works fine for my 2 employees but is not that good for my contractors. I'd love to talk more about this.


Reviewed: Feb 03, 2016

Source: Bogleheads

I use ADP Run for Payroll. Again easy to use and the basic version is not that expensive. With ADP Run Payroll , you enter the hours or salary and the rest is all done by ADP.