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Updated on June 24th, 2019

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8x8 Inc is an all-inclusive PBX phone system for small, medium and large businesses. They offer a flexible, unified communications suite including VoIP business phone systems, virtual contact centers, video conferencing, and more.

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Choice of local and toll free numbers with 40+ features.

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Plan Name

Monthly Price

Virtual Office X2 Edition

$25.00 /mo. per employee

Virtual Office X5 Edition

$35.00 /mo. per employee

Virtual Office X8 Edition

$55.00 /mo. per employee

8X8 Reviews

Pros: Reliable, able to handle large volume of inbound/outbound calls.

Cons: Customer support.

Bottomline: A stable VOIP system for businesses of all sizes.

Key Information:


Dr. Chi-Shin Wang and Dr. Y.W. Sing




San Jose, CA

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

50 000+


Vikram Verma


+1 408-727-1885


2125 O’Nel Drive, San Jose, CA 95131






jenkstom - reddit.com

We've gone from Shoretel, which was horrible, to 8x8 which was only a little bit better. Support is pretty bad and we're very much ready for something better. I've mentioned on-prem several times but my boss isn't going for it.

vtbrian - reddit.com

Cheapest option is probably to upgrade the Cisco on-prem or just move to Cisco hosted.Outside of that, 8x8 and Jive seem to be more enterprise friendly. Jive fits well in the SLED space. Outside of that, I'd go 8x8.

Admintothesystems - reddit.com

We have 8x8, but it was in place before I got here. I haven't had any issues. Maybe I haven't delved deep enough. But we are -25 employees and seems pretty intuitive. Have yet to deal with provisioning, but I have a feeling it's going to be rough. You can buy phones and have them upload their software on it, which mitigates some cost.

danieIsreddit - reddit.com

We've been on 8x8 for 3 years. Our account manager changes almost every year. I'm on hold waiting for support via phone for at least 15 minutes before I get someone.The first year was great. The implementation team was awesome. First account manager was on top of things. Seems like once they have you on-board and happy, they start making you regret signing with them.


What is the 8x8 phone system?

8x8 is a PBX phone system for small to large businesses. Its features include VoIP business phone systems, virtual contact centers, video conferencing, and more.

See our 8x8 summary review here.

What is 8x8 Virtual Office?

The 8x8 Virtual Office manager is the title of their cloud-phone system or 8x8 VoIP. It is a modern and easy-to-use business phone system with mobile and desktop apps that allow you to manage all your customer-employee communication needs on the go. Capabilities include management of inbound and outbound calls, automatic call forwarding and recording, SMS, instant messaging, virtual meetings, audio conferencing, and call reports. The 8x8 phone system is easy to configure and operate and offers secure voice encryption. Depending on your package, you can make unlimited calls to over 40 countries.

How many employees does 8x8 have?

8x8 has 1,400 employees.

See the full company profile here.

When was 8x8 founded?

8x8 was founded in 1987.

See the full company profile here.

How do I setup my 8x8 phone?

  1. Connect the phone to your provided Ethernet cable.
  2. After your phone powers on, pick up the handset or turn the speakerphone on.
  3. Follow the voice prompts and enter the Activation Code you received in your welcome email.
  4. The phone will reboot and come online.

How do I cancel my 8x8 service?

You can cancel your 8x8 subscription by contacting them by telephone. The number to dial is (888) 898-8733.

See their full contact information here.

What is 8x8's price range?

8x8 pricing ranges from $25.00 to $55.00 per user, per month. The 8x8 Virtual Contact Center and X Series service plans are quote only.

See the full range of pricing options here.

What are the advantages of 8x8 vs Nextiva?

When it comes to cloud-based communications, 8x8 and Nextiva are pretty much on an even keel. Both offer great features and price plans, and you can use both solutions across all devices from anywhere in the world. They also integrate with a wide range of CRM systems and other applications. But 8x8 tops the list by offering more integrations and extra features, proving that it's a more versatile option.

Can I use my existing phones with 8x8?

Yes, you can use your existing phones or choose from their in-house range of IP phones or wireless telephony solutions.

Where can I find good 8x8 reviews?

PCMag has done a detailed review on 8x8 that provides information on set-up and configuration, performance and cost. You can find also customer reviews on Consumer Affairs or Capterra.

Check out customer reviews here

How do I get in touch with 8x8 support?

Check out the 8x8 online knowledge base or speak to a community expert via their online portal 24/7 in the United States. You can also choose to redirect your question to the 8x8 technical team.

Can I do an 8x8 VoIP speed test?

Yes, you can. On the bottom of their homepage, under Tools, select VoIP Speed Test. The test will automatically measure the quality and performance of your internet connection between your home or office network and the 8x8 servers. Chrome does not work with this test so use Firefox instead.