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Updated on January 23rd, 2019

Dialpad is a business phone system that uses VoIP technology to give businesses multiple lines and extensions. With Dialpad, businesses of all sizes can have a professional phone system with call tracking, automated voice menus, conference calling and more.

Dialpad Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Price


$15.00 /mo.


$25.00 /mo.


$35.00 /mo.

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Choice of local and toll free numbers with 40+ features.

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Dialpad Summary:

Pros: More scalable than other platforms. Strong mobile support.

Cons: Call quality is diminished by a slow WiFi connection. 24/7 support is only available for some plans.

Bottomline: For teams that want to integrate other apps with their VoIP service and work with a mobile-first option, Dialpad is a great choice.

Dialpad FAQs:

What is the price range for Dialpad monthly plans?

Dialpad's monthly plans range in price from $15.00 to $35.00 per month.

Do I need a Dialpad download to get started with the software?

To use Dialpad on all of your devices, you will need to download the Dial pad app. You can download this on dialpad.com or from the app store.

Dialpad Vs Ringcentral
Dialpad vs. Ringcentral

The features and prices of Dialpad and Ringcentral are similar, but users find that Dialpad works best on a smaller scale, while Ringcentral can be used for larger organizations and functions best when it is utilized across multiple departments.

Can our business purchase a Dialpad polycom?

Dialpad does not sell polycom phones, but you can use the Dialpad software with any polycom device. You can transfer calls to the polycom using the mobile app, and you can make Dialpad calls as long as the polycom is set up with an internet connection.

Are there any Dialpad integrations for sales software?

One of Dialpad's most popular features is its Salesforce integration. If you are already using the Salesforce CRM system, then you can sync it with Dialpad so that your sales team can import call data and keep better sales call records.

Is there a Dialpad fax function?

Yes. With the Dialpad Inc. digital fax function, you can send and receive fax messages online without a fax machine.

Is there a number I can use to phone Dial pad customer service directly?

Dialpad only offers phone support to Dialpad Pro customers. All other customers have access to 24/7 live chat support through their account.

Dialpad News & Activity:


News or Activity

May 16, 2018

Why Dialpad Spent Nearly $50 Million To Acquire Fellow Voice Startup TalkIQ

July 17, 2018

Dialpad dials up $50M Series D led by Iconiq

March 12, 2018

Dialpad and Google Play Together with Hangouts Chat Integration

Dialpad Key Information:


Craig Walker




San Francisco, CA


Craig Walker

Phone Number

1 (844) 979-4824


275 Sacramento Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94111



DialPad Reviews:



Marc Abrams - Quora.cm

It really does not depend on the quality because the top tier alternatives like Dialpad, 8x8 and RingCentral all have excellent features and are affordable. The differences between them come down to who has to do the setup and administration, what phones you need or want to provide, and some features that appeal to you that others don't have.I’ve setup and used all the above mentioned products and I would recommend Dialpad for smaller offices, especially if there is a small or no IT staff to support the deployment and management of the system ongoing. If your deployment is larger or has international footprint, both 8x8 and RingCentral are a bit more expensive but provide support internationally.I’ve personally been impressed with the mobile-first, friendly approach of Dialpad. And they have really good support in my experience.