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Updated on January 3rd, 2023

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SugarCRM is an online customer relationship management system. SugarCRM helps businesses create a better experience for their customers with a full suite of customizable CRM tools.


Plan Name


Sugar Professional (min 3 users)

$52.00 per user /mo.

Sugar Sell (min 3 users)

$80.00 per user /mo.

Sugar Serve

$80.00 per user /mo.

Sugar Enterprise (min 3 users)

$85.00 per user /mo.

Sugar Market (Up to 10,000 contacts)

$1000.00 /mo.

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Pros: Easy to customize and integrate with other software.

Cons: Free trial is only available for 7 days.

Bottomline: SugarCRM is a powerful tool, but the per-user pricing is much higher than other platforms.

Key Information:

Legal Name

SugarCRM Inc.


Clint Oram

Founding Date

Apr 01, 2004


10050 N. Wolfe Road, SW2-130, Cupertino, CA 95014

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (877) 842-7276



How much does SugarCRM cost?

SugarCRM's pricing ranges from $55.00 to $85.00 per user per month. They also have a Market plan for up to 10,000 contacts for $1000.00 per month.

What is SugarCRM used for?

  • Execute marketing programs.
  • Grow sales.
  • Retain customers.
  • Create custom business applications.
  • Manage customer information databases.

Is SugarCRM free?

There are no free options. The cheapest plan costs $55.00 per user per month.

Who owns SugarCRM?

As of August 2018, SugarCRM was acquired by Accel-KKR.

Is SugarCRM really open source?

Yes, all three of SugarCRM's editions provide the user with the product's source code. Customers can modify the source code but cannot redistribute it in any way.

How do I update my SugarCRM?

  1. Configure PHP settings.
  2. Download and install the Upgrade package.
  3. Restore previous PHP settings.

What is the SugarCRM community edition?

SugarCRM community edition is an old version of SugarCRM that allowed users to access SugarCRM open source software. The community edition was a popular SugarCRM developer tool. As of April 2018, this version has been discontinued.

Are there any free SugarCRM themes?

There are many themes available for the SugarCRM platform, but there are no SugarCRM free themes available for download.

Where can I watch a SugarCRM demo?

You can watch several different demos at

Sugarcrm Vs Salesforce

What is the difference between SugarCRM and Salesforce?

SugarCRM and Salesforce both have similar capabilities and customizable features, but SugarCRM is a more affordable solution. Salesforce starts at $75.00 per user per month, while SugarCRM starts at just $40.00 per user per month.

How do I contact the SugarCRM support team?

You can speak with someone at SugarCRM support by calling 1 (877) 842-7276 and requesting assistance.

How do I subscribe to the SugarCRM blog?

There is no subscription option for the SugarCRM blog, but you can stay up to date by visiting the blog site regularly.