Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Learn more about Microsoft's CRM software solution with pricing info, customer reviews, and FAQs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Updated on February 2nd, 2023

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Microsoft's CRM software solution for businesses. The CRM is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central suite of tools. With Dynamics CRM, businesses can store customer information and communicate efficiently with customers to improve their experience and drive repeat sales.

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Plan Name

Monthly Price

Customer Engagement Plan

$115.00 per user

Unified Operations Plan

$190.00 per user

Dynamics 365 Plan

$210.00 per user

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Reviews

Pros: Great integration and reporting capabilities.

Cons: Only 2 license options available i.e. Full Access and Read Only.

Bottomline: Superb CRM platform to effectively manage customer communication.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Microsoft Corporation


William H. Gates III

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1975


One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (855) 270-0615


Microsoft Dynamics Crm Advantages And Disadvantages
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advantages and Disadvantages:



Similar feel to other Microsoft products.

Optimized only for Microsoft products, does not work well with other tools.

Accessible from the cloud.

Very complicated sales features that might not be needed in a small business.

Has the advanced customer and technical support of Microsoft.

Not as natural and intuitive as other cloud-based software.


How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM work?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software allows users to store and access customer information, and communicate efficiently with customers to improve their experience and drive repeat sales.

How much is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM's pricing ranges from $115.00 to $210.00 per user per month.

What is Dynamics CRM Online?

Dynamics CRM Online is Microsoft's cloud-based CRM offering.

What can you do with Microsoft Dynamics?

With Microsoft Dynamics, you can drive sales by storing and accessing customer information in ways that will help you communicate more efficiently with them.

Is Microsoft Dynamics a CRM?

Yes. Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management platform.

Who uses Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is mainly used in retail, services, manufacturing, financial services, and the public sector. Microsoft Dynamics offers services for small, medium, and large businesses.

What is the difference between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based product combining more than one function into a single product. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one Dynamics 365 stand-alone customer relationship management product.

Is there any free Microsoft Dynamics CRM training?

Yes. You can take free courses through the Microsoft Learning Academy if you want to learn more about MS Dynamics CRM and earn a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification.

Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM online only?

The Microsoft CRM software can only be downloaded and accessed online since the Dynamics 365 CRM is part of the Microsoft cloud.

What are some Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternatives?

What are the most commonly used Dynamics CRM tools?

Businesses using the MS CRM platform make use of tools like sales reporting and email campaigns to improve their communication with customers and drive sales.

Does the Microsoft CRM Dynamics system come with financial tools?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 package includes financial capabilities like inventory management, accounting records, budgeting, and analytics.