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Updated on November 27th, 2020

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Vonage is an internet phone service provider. With Vonage, business and residential customers can establish a phone number or numbers through their internet connection and pay only a small monthly fee. Vonage also sells business phones and accessories to optimize your system.

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$39.99 per user

Vonage Reviews

Pros: Great call quality. Easy-to-use interface.

Cons: Requires a high-speed internet connection.

Bottomline: Vonage is one of the most widely recognized VoIP services, and that's because their service is top-notch.

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Does Vonage have cell phone service?

Yes. With a Vonage plan, you can make calls on two smartphones using your Vonage phone number, for no additional fee.

What countries can I call with Vonage?

With Vonage, you can make calls across the U.S., Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Kenya, India, Russia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and more.

Is it free to call Dubai with Vonage?

It depends if you're calling another Vonage user. With the Vonage World® plan, you can call both landlines and cell phones in the UAE. However, it's only free if you call another Vonage user.

What does Vonage cost?

Vonage's business plans range in price from $19.99 per user per month for the "Mobile" plan to $39.99 per user per month for the "Advanced" plan.

Does the Vonage app use cell phone minutes?

No, the Vonage mobile app allows users to connect to other Vonage Mobile app users worldwide for no extra fee.

Can you text using Vonage?

Yes, the Vonage mobile app allows you to send and receive text messages with your Vonage number.

What internet speed do I need for Vonage?

Vonage recommends a speed of 90 kbps for the best quality.

Will Vonage work with WiFi?

Yes, Vonage will work with WiFi. However, it only allows specific functions.

Can I have Vonage extensions without using a Vonage phone?

Vonage works best with Vonage devices, but you can use your mobile phone with the Vonage extensions app or another telephone that you already have to access a Vonage phone system.

How do I contact Vonage customer service?

The easiest way is to call Vonage phone service customer support at 1 (877) 272-0528.

How do I run a Vonage speed test?

You can run a Vonage speed test on your system to test the speed of your internet by going to speedtest.net. Remember, since Vonage is a VoIP phone system, the quality of the service will be affected by the speed of your internet connection.

Can I email Vonage business support if I have troubleshooting questions?

You can chat or submit an issue on businesssupport.vonage.com. The website also has a great knowledge base that can provide you with more information about Vonage business solutions.

Can I manage my Vonage business account with the Vonage business app?

You can call and receive calls on your Vonage number through the mobile app. There are some limited management features on the app, but major account changes can only be made through the online admin portal.

Does Vonage need a landline?

No. To use Vonage, you simply need a good internet connection. Because Vonage is not an internet service provider, you'll need to have your own broadband internet service.

Does Vonage have free international calling?

No, Vonage does not offer free international calling. However, you can make free calls to another Vonage user.

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