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Learn about JobDiva recruitment software for businesses. Includes info on JobDiva, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on June 4th, 2019

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JobDiva is a web-based human resource (HR) solution that offers recruitment tools. With JobDiva, users have access to resume aggregation, intelligent candidate-to-job matching, recruitment lifecycle tools, and email campaigns.

JobDiva Pricing:

JobDiva does not reveal full pricing on their website. However, interested users can contact JobDiva and request a quote.

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Job Diva Reviews
JobDiva Review:

Pros: The software is constantly getting updated enhancements. Clear, easy to use, and feature-rich.

Cons: Some functions need improvement. Costly option.

Bottomline: Solid tool! Simple and easy to use. Offers a range of useful features. However, it can be a costly option.

JobDiva Key Information:


Diya Obeid




New York, NY


Diya Obeid

Number of Customers



1 (866) 562-3482


44 Wall Street, 18th floor, New York, NY 10005


JobDiva FAQs:

Is there a JobDiva free trial?

No, JobDiva does not offer a free trial. However, interested customers can go to and request a quote.

Where can I find the JobDiva login?

Go to and click "Login" in the top right corner of the homepage.

Is there a JobDiva mobile app?

Yes, JobDiva does have a mobile app available for both iPhone and Android.

Are there any JobDiva alternatives?

Is JobDiva software available to small businesses?

Yes, it appears that staffing and recruiting companies of many different sizes use JobDiva, but you'll have to contact them to see if the JobDiva cost is right for your small business.

Is there a JobDiva timesheet tracking application?

Yes, JobDiva offers MyTime, an application that allows temp workers placed through a staffing agency to record hours with a smartphone.

I'm considering JobDiva vs Bullhorn, any tips for how to choose?

JobDiva and Bullhorn have many overlapping features. You'll want to look at both and compare to see which feature set fits your needs best. Bullhorn starts at $99 per month, JobDiva does not list any prices.

JobDiva News & Activity:


News or Activity

April 30, 2018

JobDiva Recognized as a “Pacesetter” by Software Advice’s Frontrunners Quadrant.

July 13, 2018

JobDiva Releases Its Native Texting Solution, DivaBuzz.

February 12, 2018

JobDiva Recognized as 'Top-Rated' Recruiting Software for 2018.

JobDiva Reviews:



Richard Eby -

I have used 7 different ATS systems. Taleo, BullHorn, etc. but of all that I have used, I prefer JobDiva. JobDiva was the easiest to navigate and it was very user friendly. You could upload resumes or just forward resumes and create a candidate profile from that. Then, you could keep notes on the individuals profile, and it was readily visible from the profile (no clicking needed). Being able to use boolean is a huge plus for any ATS. While bullhorn lets you do it, their boolean logic is not correct in format, so it causes issues. JobDiva seems to trump all ATS in that region. Also, it is great for entry recruiters because there is alternative methods to searching if you don't know boolean at all. I also liked that once you run your search, you could email all the people at once. You had quite a few templates you could choose from which made it extremely efficient. It kept track of the emails you sent out which helped a lot as well. While there is pros and cons to all systems, I think JobDiva is among the best. Right now I am using Taleo (the newest version) and it sucks. They went flash based and it messes up ALL the time now. Not very friendly anymore like it use to be.

Mrinal Singh -

Depending on how you look at it in my opinion quite a few of them :a) Bullhorn- They discovered SAAS before it even became a concept. b) Jobdiva: An awesome tool for recruiters. c) LinkedIn: It has transformed the corporate recruitment market On another note sites like Glassdoor and Github are also transforming how a recruitment function is run!

Ryan Verzani -

If you check different sources you may find that Jobdiva is considered a great tracking system. Ranked 4 and half stars out of 5 Jobdiva can:manage recruitment and workflow synchronization of private database can search through millions of resumes can normally save the user 60% to 90% of his/her time saves money through excessive advertising.

elee17 -

Don’t use JobDiva. That harvester is going to fill your database with junk and you get what you pay for.

Lets_smile -

I demo'd Jobdiva and about 5 other split desk ATS systems when I was doing agency work last year. Overall I felt it was OK, and cheap. I recommend getting personally friendly with the Customer Success person on the account and take advantage of their support as much as possible. Onboarding a new ATS is a huge shift, and it'll have some bumps before all is adjusted.