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Updated on March 31st, 2020

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Apptivo is a business CRM software platform. Apptivo also has built-in project management solutions and invoicing tools. Businesses in a wide variety of industries use Apptivo to streamline their customer relationship management and financial activities.


Plan Name

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$0.00 per user


$8.00 per user


$20.00 per user


Quote only.

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In addition to CRM services, Apptivo also provides project management tools, an expense report, invoicing services, and a feature that assists with marketing campaigns. Apptivo only lacks two standard CRM features: mobile optimization and reporting dashboards.

There are several features that clients might enjoy, like G Suite and Office 365 integration, Smart Forms access, bulk emails, team management tools, a product catalog, contact support, quotation and invoicing services, data import and export capabilities, product training, and the ability to send file attachments.

Pricing begins with a free plan, but this package excludes several features such as custom views, filters, custom fields, campaign management, email templates, and a performance dashboard.

The full package price can be obtained by requesting a quote, but a company with a similar set of features, Pipeliner, charges $85.00 per user, per month for their full package. This is a fair baseline for comparison, but Pipeliner offers the convenience of mobile optimization.

Another similar company, HubSpot, charges $3,200.00 per month for their full suite of products. Clients can compare this cost with their quote from Apptivo. HubSpot's free plan includes a few more services than Apptivo's, with features like email templates, custom support form fields, and email tracking.

Apptivo offers an excellent range of services and has a variety of plans for businesses with different budgets. It is one of our highest-ranking CRM solutions.

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What does Apptivo cost?

Apptivo's monthly plans start at $0.00 per user per month and go up to $20.00 per user per month for the "Ultimate" plan.

What integrations are available for Apptivo CRM?

Apptivo's integrations include the G-Suite (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.), Office 365, and Slack.

Apptivo Vs Zoho

What is the difference between Apptivo and Zoho?

Zoho is supported by more operating systems than Apptivo and has more integrations, but Apptivo is more affordable overall and has a simpler interface according to Apptivo CRM review writers.

Can employees track time with Apptivo project management?

Apptivo's project management solution has a time tracking tool that employees and managers can use to track time. This feature can help you monitor progress on a task or see where company resources are being used.

What is Apptivo procurement?

The Apptivo Purchase Order app is Aptivo's procurement solution. With the app, you can simplify your inventory management and purchasing in one very easy-to-use database.