Best Free CRM Software

Compare top free CRMs including Hubspot, Bitrix 24, SutiCRM, ngDesk, and more. See details of free offers, learn about features, and see customer opinions.

Updated on December 21st, 2023

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Free CRM software helps small businesses keep track of important customer information that is key to improving sales, marketing, and customer service. We've tracked down the best free CRM software for 2021 to help you decide which to use for your small business.

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Why We Chose HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and EngageBay:

HubSpot offers all the advantages of a paid CRM software at no cost at all, making it our pick for the best free CRM software on the market. Its broad feature range includes reporting dashboards, contact and lead management, tracking and storage of deals or opportunities, reporting of deals, tasks, and activities, and scheduling of meetings or appointments.

Some more advanced features include the company insights tool, which competitors lack, plus advertisement management, website traffic analysis, and email scheduling functions.

Zoho CRM is next on our list as it offers a generous feature range for a free CRM platform. Some of its key features include lead and contact management, page customization, email notifications, and standard reports without customization. Zoho CRM is, however, only free for up to three users.

EngageBay is third on our list and offers plenty of useful CRM features. Some of these include a contact list of up to 1,000 names, a 360 degree contact view, appointment scheduling tools, predictive lead scores, a live chat feature, and integrations with Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365.

Things to Consider When Choosing Free CRM Software:

  1. Try choosing a software solution that offers scalable features and package upgrades, so that if your business's needs change, you can upgrade your services without losing data.
  2. Some software solutions do not integrate well with third-party applications, which may cause problems with efficiency. Ensure that your preferred software solution is compatible with your other applications.
  3. Carefully read the system requirements for your chosen software, as an outdated device may cause the software to lag or work inefficiently.

Best Free CRM Software for 2021:





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A wide range of features with unlimited access.

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Zoho CRM

3 Free Users, 1 GB Free Storage

Offers basic CRM functionality, including lead and contact management, standard reports, and more.

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Free for 15 Users, 250 Contacts

Offers useful CRM features such as 1,000 branded emails per month, a 360 degree contact view, and a live chat tool.

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Bitrix 24

Unlimited Users, 5 GB Storage

Integrates well with third-party applications and offers a great range of services.

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Completely free and cloud-based, but does not integrate with social media or payroll platforms.

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Up to 250 contacts, 10 MB Storage

Highly intuitive and integrates well with third-party applications.

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Reflect CRM


Missing quite a few features but does offer support for multiple sales pipelines.

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2 Users

Scalable solutions with a wide selection of third-party integrations.

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5 Users

Free version lacks features like support for file attachments, third party integration, the ability to send bulk emails, and revenue analytics.

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2 Users, Limited Features

A reliable software, but lacks a few features that close competitors offer.

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HubSpot CRM vs. Zoho CRM vs. EngageBay:

HubSpot's CRM platform offers all the features you would want from a top-tier CRM at no cost at all. Their free CRM software is used to lure customers in, after which they are likely to pay for additional products from the HubSpot suite, including their Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Growth Suite. In sum, while you don't pay for their CRM, you might end up paying for use of any of their additional products.

Zoho CRM and EngageBay have limited free plans alongside paid versions. Naturally, HubSpot CRM dwarfs Zoho CRM and EngageBay for features and power, so it is more useful to pit their rivals against each other.

Zoho CRM and EngageBay have similar feature ranges. They both offer lead and contact management, custom lists (Zoho CRM offers 5 and EngageBay 2), basic reporting functions, email templates, and more. Zoho CRM offers customer support during business hours only, while EngageBay only offers support via email.

There are features unique to Zoho CRM, such as page customization and team collaboration and communication tools including a calendar, status updates, direct messages, and file attachments; features missing from EngageBay.

Conversely, EngageBay offers some features absent from Zoho CRM's free plan, including integrations with Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365. Zoho CRM's free plan does, however, include website visitor tracking through its Zoho SalesIQ integration.

Zoho CRM is capped at 3 users, while the number of users for EngageBay is unspecified.

HubSpot CRM vs. Zoho CRM vs. EngageBay Comparison:


HubSpot CRM

Zoho CRM






Reporting and Analytics




Social Media Integrations




Email Cap

2,000 per month.

150 emails per day

1,000 branded emails per month

Lead and Contact Management




Google Apps Integration




Teamwork and Collaboration




Customer Support


Business Hours

Email Only






What is the best free CRM for small business?

Is there a free CRM?

Yes, there are several free CRMs that even allow for unlimited usage, including HubSpot.

Does Google have a free CRM?

Google does not have its own CRM software, but there are plenty of platforms that integrate with Google apps, namely Salesforce, HubSpot, and Insightly.

Where can I find free CRM software to download?

There is one downloadable CRM that is free, Reflect CRM. It is an open-source and is available as free CRM downloads for small businesses.

Is it only basic CRM software that is free?

No, some of the most advanced CRM software is free, but for a limited time or a limited number of users.

What are the best free CRM software for real estate?

Is free real estate CRM software really free?

Yes, HubSpot is an example of real estate CRM software that is free to use for an unlimited number of users and contacts. Other companies offer free packages as well, with a limited number of users. If you don't plan on having more than a few users, these might work as free CRM software for you as well.

Is there a free CRM software that works with Outlook?

If you're already on Microsoft's Office 365, you've got free access to Outlook Customer Manager. Hubspot can also be connected to Outlook and is totally free.

Is there a free CRM software for nonprofits?

Is there a free CRM software for sales?

Is there a free simple CRM software for small business?

Yes. There are several companies making simple free CRM software, including HubSpot, Bitrix24,, Podio, and others.

Is there anywhere I can get a free CRM software training?

Yes, check out Udemy, Alison, and Lynda for free CRM training courses.