Best Time and Attendance Software for Small Business

The top time and attendance software packages ranked, with pricing information and answers to common questions.

Updated on December 21st, 2023

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Time and attendance software is used by small businesses to help track employee hours, set their schedules, and process time-off requests. Also known as time and attendance systems, they can be integrated with payroll software to help automate HR duties.

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Scheduling, Timesheet, Time Clock and Hiring Software

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Build a schedule in minutes.

Track hours, breaks, and overtime.

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Why We Chose Homebase:

Homebase offers a wide range of HR features such as scheduling, payroll, hiring, and team communication. Homebase also offers online solutions and mobile apps.

On top of all that, it offers a great basic package for free, and paid packages, which you'll need for multiple locations, are affordable.

Homebase also integrates with top payroll and POS systems.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Time and Attendance Software:

  1. Look for a system that is flexible enough to accommodate changes in labor rates, overtime rules, and incentive pay.
  2. Allow your employees to try out a platform and give you feedback before you buy it. Your employees will be more likely to use the system if they have experience with it and can use it easily.
  3. Ask vendors if they can estimate your savings generated by implementing the software and weigh it against the cost of the software to find the best option.

Best Time and Attendance Software:





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Free and paid options.

A good option that is easy to use with comprehensive features and good customer service but a limited free version.

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Free and paid options.

A great platform with report generation and superb tracking capabilities.

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Free and paid options.

A comprehensive platform that offers employee scheduling, GPS tracking, payroll, and more, for an affordable price.

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From $40.00 +$8.00 /user /mo.

A user-friendly option for tracking job costs, clocking employees' times, and tracking employee movements. Not very reliable.

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Quickbooks Time

From $20.00 /mo. + $8.00 /user.

An easy to use option with great reporting and scheduling tools but lacks Gmail integration.

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From $39.00 +$8.00 /employee /mo.

A payroll software with built-in timesheets and time-tracking integrations as well as overtime tracking.

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Free and paid options.

An excellent tool that is easy to use with excellent service but not suited for larger businesses.

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Buddy Punch

From $19.00 +$3.49 /user /mo.

A fantastic platform with great timecard update functionality and report generation but limited customization options.

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All Hours

From €17.50 /mo.

A fantastic platform with great scheduling and tracking capabilities but limited customization options.

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ClockIn Portal

$4.00 /user /mo.

A great platform with excellent report generation and tracking capabilities but adjusting timecards can be difficult.

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Contact for quote.

A good option with simple features and great customer support but it is lacking in robust features.

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From $39.00 /one-off.

A simple installation, offers all the necessary support and features but the software is exclusive to PCs.

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Time Doctor

From $7.00 /user /mo.

A reliable tool that is easy to use with excellent reporting tools.

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$10.00 +$5.00 /user /mo.

A good option that is easy to set up and use with good customer support but has a learning curve.

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PayClock Online

From $35.00 /mo.

A simple, straightforward, and reliable option but lacks clock-in edits and customer support is poor.

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Virtual TimeClock

From $195.00 /one-off.

An easy-to-use and install option with good customer support but no mobile app.

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From $5.00 /user /mo.

An affordable, easy-to-use solution with good time tracking but no report generation functionality.

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Easy Clocking

Contact for quote.

A simple solution with multiple time-tracking options and good customer support but some reports are limited to a 30-day window.

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iSolved Time

Contact for quote.

An intuitive platform with excellent reporting and a time recording app but it is difficult to set up initially.

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Attendance on Demand

Contact for quote.

A good web-based option with simple software and good customer service but a challenging set up.

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Contact for quote.

Is easy to use with strong customer support and great integrations with HR and payroll apps but is not that customizable.

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From $10.00 +$5.00 /user /mo.

Offers a good user experience and simple processes with few steps but the features are basic and the service experiences occasional issues.

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ADP Workforce Now

Contact for quote.

A superb platform with great optimization and reporting capabilities but no absence management feature.

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AMG Employee Management

Contact for quote.

A great platform with accurate report generation and superb tracking capabilities but poor customer service.

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Contact for quote.

A clean, accessible, and feature-rich platform. Does not track driver mileage.

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From €2.99 /user /mo.

An excellent platform with superb tracking and scheduling capabilities but a confusing calendar layout.

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Some companies may offer discounted pricing on annual subscriptions.


What is the price range for time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software can cost between $5.00 and $50.00 per user per month, depending on the software you choose and the features your business needs. Some companies also offer free plans, as well as discounts on annual subscriptions.

Is payroll and timekeeping software necessary for small businesses?

It depends. If your company is relatively small, and if the employees are all salaried, time attendance software might not have much to offer. If you've got more than two or three hourly employees, time and attendance tracking software will most likely save you time and money.

Is it possible to combine attendance and payroll software?

There are several companies that combine these two software features into an attendance payroll software or allow you to add both of these features. Platforms like OnTheClock and ClockShark also integrate with payroll software.

Is there affordable attendance software for small businesses?

One of the best time attendance software companies, OnTheClock, offers its software free for up to two employees. Generally, software for tracking employee time and attendance is affordable, and will most likely pay for itself in hours saved.

Are there any free options?

Yes, you can check out our article on free time and attendance software.

What is a time attendance system?

A time attendance system is a business application that helps businesses track and optimize the hours that employees get work done, and helps keep records of wages and salaries paid.