The 2023 Small Business Recruitment Software Guide

Find the best recruitment software for your business by reading about the top features and pricing info for the leading recruitment solutions.

Updated on January 13th, 2023

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Updated 28th of April 2022

We reviewed and updated our information about recruitment software.

Recruitment software is designed to be used by human resources (HR) departments to post jobs, gather candidates' resumes, and screen possible employees. With recruitment software, companies can keep all of their job information in one place to stay organized and streamline the hiring process.

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Our Pick

Breezy HR

Start My Free Trial

Free "Bootstrap" plan for 1 position

Unlimited users and candidates

Access to 50+ job boards

Why We Chose Breezy HR, Betterteam, and Workable:

Breezy HR is our top pick as it offers a wide variety of recruiting solutions at an affordable price, including an applicant tracking system, task automation, resume parsing, video interviews, team collaboration, and background checking.

Thanks to its advanced set of features, Breezy HR allows users to find, attract, and hire talent with ease. Its user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and responsive customer support make it an attractive choice.

Our second pick, Betterteam, is ideal for companies in search of basic yet easy-to-use recruitment software. The platform offers robust job syndication, an applicant tracking system, resume management, and HR templates.

While less feature-rich than some of its competitors, Betterteam is a budget-friendly option for businesses with rudimentary hiring needs. Its plans are budget-friendly and thanks to its live chat feature, customers are able to receive timely support.

In third place is Workable, offering users a comprehensive set of hiring solutions, including an applicant tracking system, career pages, multilingual options, AI-powered candidate sourcing, task automation, and advanced reporting.

While costlier than both Breezy HR and Betterteam, Workable stands out as the most feature-rich option and offers a pay-as-you-go plan for users hiring infrequently.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Recruitment Software:

  1. Look for solutions that offer advanced sourcing and screening capabilities to save you time in the recruiting process.
  2. The recruitment process becomes more effective if the software you use allows for cross-platform integrations to import data from one platform to another.
  3. Consider solutions that offer diversity recruiting functions, such as candidate demographics and tools to reach different segments of the talent market.

Best Recruitment Software:





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Breezy HR

Free and paid options.

Offers a clean interface and a wide range of price plans, but there is no job marketplace.

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Free and paid options.

An intuitive interface that works well on desktop and mobile devices, but only offers single-user accounts.

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From $129.00 /job /mo.

A well-organized solution with various plans and automated workflows, but lacks a single sign-on option with the entry-level plan.

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Contact for quote.

User-friendly with AI-driven hiring tools, onboarding software, and an opportunity marketplace.

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Zoho Recruit

Free and paid plans.

Offers great search and reporting functions with lots of customization options, but the majority of features are only accessible on the paid plans.

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Contact for quote.

Offers a wide range of HR features, but lacks automatic payments support.

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Contact for quote.

Caters to businesses of all sizes and features great AI recruiting tools but does not offer a free trial.

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Free and paid options.

A cloud-based solution that offers standard and robust features, customizable forms, and excellent integrations.

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Contact for quote.

An all-in-one hiring solution that caters to small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses from around the world.

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Contact for quote.

Features a good support team and great hiring services, such as CRM tools, AI screening, compliance, and a wide variety of integrations.

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Trakstar Hire

Contact for quote.

User-friendly and intuitive with in-depth reporting and offer management, but it does not offer a mobile app or live chat support.

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Contact for quote.

A clear, easy-to-use solution with continuous updates but no wildcard option when searching.

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Contact for quote.

Offers plenty of useful features and an intuitive design but is unable to mask applicant names.

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Contact for quote.

Features include video interviewing, collaboration tools, and live chat support, but no free trial of the software is available.

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From $39.00 /mo.

The platform has various well-priced plans and offers robust job distribution, interviewing, and onboarding solutions, but does not feature a mobile app.

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Contact for quote.

A popular recruitment platform with robust job distribution, candidate screening, and collaboration tools, but does not offer a free trial.

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From $99.00 /mo.

Quick and easy to use with good technical support and basic hiring tools, but lacks a mobile app.

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From $24.00 /user /mo.

Offers a free trial, various integrations, and comprehensive candidate management tools, but lacks built-in background checking.

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Contact for quote.

A comprehensive applicant tracking and recruitment platform with robust candidate sourcing tools and advanced analytics.

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Contact for quote.

Great UI with high-volume hiring, automation, and diversity recruitment solutions.

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Contact for quote.

Offers good response tracking and background checking tools, but sometimes reports are missing data.

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Contact for quote.

A global recruitment platform with AI candidate matching, automated workflows, and a mobile app on offer.

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From $85.00 /user /mo.

Features include data migration, single-user sign-on, and communication tools, but the site can be difficult to navigate.

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Paycor Recruiting

Contact for quote.

Easy to manage with great customer support, but the mobile app fonts are quite small.

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From $19.00 /mo.

A complete recruitment solution that's available in over 200 countries.

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Contact for quote.

Configurable and easy-to-use software, but lacks a group chat function.

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Spark Hire

From $149.00 /mo.

An easy-to-understand and user-friendly solution, available on both desktop and mobile devices. However, only the top-tier plans include onboarding tools.

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ADP Recruiting Management

Contact for quote.

A well-established company with diversity recruiting and onboarding tools, as well as live chat support.

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Contact for quote.

Features include job distribution and auto-scheduling, but it lacks a free trial and a mobile app.

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From $109.00 /mo.

A feature-rich platform with a free trial, employee referrals, scheduling, and multi-language capabilities.

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Workday Talent Acquisition

Contact for quote.

An all-in-one HR and recruitment solution with performance management, integrations, and live chat support.

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From $169.00 /mo.

Intuitive hiring solutions with a free trial and various affordable plans, but does not offer advanced onboarding tools.

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Contact for quote.

A global recruitment platform with branded career pages and performance management, but it lacks a mobile app.

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From $95.00 /user.

An affordable and user-friendly applicant tracking software suited to small businesses. However, the platform does not offer diversity recruiting solutions.

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Modern Hire

Contact for quote.

A robust global hiring solution with video interviewing and live chat support, but lacks collaboration and onboarding services.

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From $149.00 /mo.

User-friendly software with social recruiting, integrations, and candidate messaging tools.

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From $125.00 /user /mo.

A comprehensive platform that caters to staffing agencies, RPO, and corporate brands. Solutions include applicant tracking and data migration.

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Contact for quote.

Robust hiring features are available, as well as HR tools such as payroll, compliance, and time tracking.

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$99.00 /user /mo.

A global recruitment platform that offers robust applicant tracking and candidate management, but lacks built-in onboarding tools.

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Free and paid options.

All plans include unlimited users and the platform's recruitment tools are intuitive and easy to use. However, phone support is only available on the more costly plans.

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Contact for quote.

Specializes in video interviewing but offers additional job distribution, skills testing, workflow automation, and candidate screening tools.

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Contact for quote.

Easy-to-use recruitment services on offer, such as resume parsing and interview scheduling, but it does not offer marketing or collaboration tools.

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Free and paid options.

An affordable platform that features AI search technology, automation, and live chat support. However, it lacks advanced onboarding tools.

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Contact for quote.

Global recruitment software with task automation, AI candidate matching, and campus recruitment tools available.

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From $165.00 /mo.

Easy-to-use software with candidate assessments, interview scheduling, HR templates, and hiring coaches available. However, the platform only caters to U.S. and Canadian businesses.

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From $79.00 /mo.

With a free trial, custom candidate management, and employer branding on offer, the software is well-suited to businesses of all sizes.

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Cegid Talentsoft

Contact for quote.

The software's stand-out features include multi-language capabilities and workforce management. However, no free trial is available.

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Contact for quote.

Offers a comprehensive suite of hiring tools, including employer branding and interview scheduling, but lacks AI-powered recruiting and onboarding.

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Contact for quote.

An intuitive hiring platform with candidate assessments, compliance, onboarding, and workforce management tools on offer. However, there is no free trial available.

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Free and paid options.

The platform features extensive applicant tracking software, GDPR compliance, and onboarding tools, but does not have a mobile app.

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Contact for quote.

Global recruitment software with candidate assessments, interview scheduling, and team collaboration on offer. However, it lacks built-in onboarding tools.

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Contact for quote.

The software includes branded career sites, task automation, onboarding, and additional features like succession planning. However, there is no live chat support available.

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Contact for quote.

Focuses on recruitment solutions for the healthcare industry and offers job distribution, workforce management, and a mobile app.

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Contact for quote.

The software includes robust applicant tracking, candidate messaging, and onboarding tools, but lacks job distribution and data migration.

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From €2.88 /user /mo.

Offers a free trial, branded career pages, team collaboration, and live chat support, but does not feature background checking tools.

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Contact for quote.

Features include candidate messaging, interview scheduling, onboarding, and employee engagement tools, but the platform lacks a free trial and live chat support.

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From £69.00 /mo.

An affordable recruitment platform that offers branded career pages, job distribution, and compliance, but only the more costly plan includes third-party integrations.

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Contact for quote.

Specializes in candidate engagement, interviewing software, and campus recruiting but does not offer built-in applicant tracking.

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Breezy HR Bootstrap vs. Betterteam Solo:

Breezy HR and Betterteam both have basic plans suited to users that hire infrequently and are in need of simple yet effective recruitment tools. Breezy HR Bootstrap is a free plan, making it the more affordable choice in comparison to Betterteam Solo's price of $39.00 per month.

Both plans offer a single job posting, as well as resume parsing and job syndication tools. However, Breezy HR Bootstrap stands out as the more feature-rich option, with multi-language support, task automation, and weekly webinars for additional support.

Breezy HR Bootstrap vs. Betterteam Solo Comparison:


Breezy HR Bootstrap

Betterteam Solo



$39.00 /mo.

Branded career site


Job syndication

Resume management

Video tutorials


Customer support

Email, phone, and live chat.

Email, phone, and live chat.

Breezy HR Business vs. Workable Premier:

The Business plan is Breezy HR's most advanced package and affords users ultimate hiring control and flexibility. In addition to all of the features included in every other plan, the package includes advanced candidate questionnaires, job offer templates, and comprehensive HR integrations.

In comparison, Workable's Premier plan includes a dedicated account manager, requisition approvals, and up to five native language options. Both packages feature unlimited users and jobs, but Breezy HR Business is slightly more affordable at $479.00 per month, while Workable Premier costs $559.00 per month.

Breezy HR Business vs. Workable Premier Comparison:


Breezy HR Business

Workable Premier


$479.00 /mo.

$559.00 /mo.

Unlimited candidates

Offer management

Dedicated account manager


HR integrations


Customer support

Email, phone, and live chat.

Email, phone, and live chat.


What kind of software do recruiters use?

Recruiters typically use recruiting software, which streamlines the hiring process by allowing HR managers and staff to post jobs, gather candidates' resumes, and screen possible employees, among other tasks.

What's the difference between Breezy HR, Betterteam, and Workable?

When comparing Breezy HR's and Betterteam's basic plans, the former is more feature-rich and budget-friendly compared to Betterteam's package.

While Breezy HR's business plan is slightly more affordable than Workable Premier, the packages have similar hiring tools and account support. Each platform is worth looking into for advanced recruitment solutions.

What is a CRM in recruiting?

A recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system is used by HR departments to maintain and strengthen relationships with candidates for the duration of the recruitment process. Just like a traditional CRM system, recruiting CRM software treats the candidates as if they were customers, ensuring that the candidate management process is efficient and professional.

Which app is best for recruiting?

What are the tools for recruitment?

  1. Job boards.
  2. Applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  3. Customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  4. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.
  5. Collaboration tools.
  6. Mobile recruiting tools.
  7. Social networks.
  8. Location technology.
  9. Interviewing software.
  10. Onboarding software.

What is the price range for recruitment software?

The price range for recruitment software is anywhere from $1.20 to $60.00 per user per month. Some HR recruitment software can be purchased by paying a monthly fee, which can cost between $19.00 and $1,000.00.

Can I use recruiting software to schedule job interviews with candidates?

Some recruitment management software solutions have a scheduling feature. Platforms like Paycor Recruiting, Zoho Recruit, Recruitee, and Workable all have a scheduling feature to make it easier for managers to arrange interviews.

What is temp recruitment software?

Temp recruitment software makes it easy to keep up with the fast pace of recruiting temporary employees. This type of software would usually be used in a staffing agency. Popular recruitment CRM software for temporary hiring includes PCRecruiter, Crelate, and Bullhorn.

What is the best recruitment CRM for hiring software developers?

It's difficult to say which recruitment management system is the best for recruiting software developers since every business has unique requirements. However, leading tech companies like Google use a program called Quick Base to manage employees and organize recruiting.

Can our business use hiring software on a monthly basis?

Yes. A typical recruiting platform has a monthly plan. Some CRM recruitment providers allow their customers to cancel their plan at any time, but others bill on an annual basis even though they list a monthly price. Read the fine print before you sign up for a plan in case you want to cancel later.

How much can I customize my recruitment software system?

If you purchase an open-source recruitment software program, you can customize it as much as you want, as long as you or your programming team have the technical skills to do so. Other HR hiring software does have some level of customization, but it will be very limited compared to open source products.

Is it best to go with a cloud-based recruitment system?

If your recruitment database isn't so large that you need more storage than online recruitment software can give you, then cloud-based solutions are the way to go. The majority of small to medium-sized businesses use cloud-based programs because they are convenient, affordable, and mobile.

Are there any recruitment tools that are used specifically by software sales recruiters?

A company seeking software salespeople may use any of the solutions listed in the table above, but sometimes they will turn to a staffing agency for help because they need specialized salespeople who have technical knowledge that many other sales candidates may not possess.

Are there any free recruitment options?

Yes, check out our article on free recruitment software.