The Best Job Posting Software for 2024

Post your jobs and learn about the best job posting software, including Betterteam, Recruitee, and Workable, along with prices, ratings, and free options.

Updated on December 21st, 2023

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Job posting software helps employment agencies and companies to post jobs to multiple boards with just a single job post submission and a few clicks. Typically, it helps you keep track of all the applications you get from your job postings as well.

Our Pick


Post a job to more than 100 free job boards with one submission.

Post Jobs for FREE

Completely free trial, no card required.

Reach over 150 million candidates.

Why We Chose Betterteam:

Betterteam is easier and more efficient than other job posting websites. With Betterteam, you can post the same ad to over 100 job boards.

Writing assistance is provided. If you are unfamiliar with the format for a job post, Betterteam provides templates specific to your industry and job title.

Betterteam offers several packages, starting at $39.00 per month, to suit the needs and budget of any business. Annual discounts and a free trial are available, and payment is accepted in more than 150 currencies.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Job Posting Software:

  1. Free trial periods may only apply for a short time period or for a limited number of posts.
  2. Some software only allows one or few users access, which is unsuitable for larger HR teams.
  3. Frequent hiring may require software with annual fees rather than fees calculated per post or per month.

Best Job Posting Software:





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From $39.00 /mo.

An intuitive and user-friendly platform that provides bulk discounts, writing assistance, and templates. With a single click, job ads are posted to more than 100 job boards.

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From $269.00 /mo.

Attractive UI and easy to use. Standout features include pipeline automation, distribution to multiple job boards, and branding options. More suited to in-house recruiting.

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From $129.00 /job /mo.

The system is easy to use and filters applications based on set criteria. It offers multilingual options, a resume bank, and posts jobs to multiple job boards.

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Zoho Recruit

Free and paid options.

Affordable and user-friendly software that can be customized according to preference. It features AI-powered candidate matching, background screenings, and custom analytics dashboards.

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Free and paid options.

A cloud-based solution that offers standard and robust features, customizable forms, and excellent integrations. It also provides good social recruiting features, collaboration tools, and a comprehensive mobile app.

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From €74.00 /mo.

Offers solutions for companies of all sizes and features job distribution to more than 300 sites, branded career pages, collaboration tools, and robust search and filter capabilities to source top candidates.

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Contact for quote.

Provides a good selection of features, including job distribution, resume management, collaboration tools, and a mobile app, but falls short on integration capabilities.

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Suitable for small and mid-sized businesses, this software's key features include applicant tracking and collaboration tools, email templates, and resume parsing, but it lacks candidate assessment and background-checking tools.

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Contact for quote.

A secure and effective recruitment software with AI recruiting features, multilingual capabilities, and candidate assessment tools. However, it does not provide live chat support.

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Contact for quote.

The software provides an extensive selection of features, including job distribution, AI recruiting tools that create in-depth candidate reviews, integrations, and a mobile app, but lacks live chat support.

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Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.


Are there any open-source job board software solutions?

Yes, OpenCATS is a well-known open-source job posting software.

Is there a free job posting software?

Nearly all job posting software allows for a free trial during which you can post active jobs. Alternatively, post your job ads directly to a free job board, such as Indeed.

The Best Job Posting Software For 2019

What is the best job board software for small businesses?

Is job posting distribution software good for small businesses?

Yes! Not only will it save time by posting to multiple job boards in one shot, but it'll also make sure your jobs appear in more places, and it'll help you make a better final choice with an applicant tracking system that organizes your hiring process.