Free Applicant Tracking Systems

We profiled the best free applicant tracking systems. Includes detailed information, reviews, and answers to FAQs.

Updated on May 2nd, 2023

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Updated 1st of May 2023

We updated comparisons between Breezy HR, Zoho Recruit, and MightyRecruiter.

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a software application that optimizes the hiring process through effective candidate management, interviewing, and onboarding tools. We've listed the top free applicant tracking systems and included comparisons to our top picks to help you make a decision fast.

Our Pick

Breezy HR

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Free "Bootstrap" plan for 1 position.

Unlimited users and candidates.

Access to 50+ job boards.

Why We Chose Breezy HR, Zoho Recruit, and MightyRecruiter:

Our top choice is Breezy HR, a global ATS that offers a wide range of basic and advanced recruitment features, including social recruiting, resume parsing, video interviewing, team collaboration, and background screening integrations.

From a free version to customized pricing, Breezy HR can accommodate the individual hiring and budget needs of various businesses.

In second place is Zoho Recruit, offering companies various ATS tools built to streamline recruitment efforts. The platform has three separate free plans available for corporate HR, staffing agencies, and companies hiring temporary candidates.

The software also has a few standout features not offered by its competitors, such as AI-powered candidate matching, file storage, and premium customer support.

Our third pick is MightyRecruiter, a robust ATS platform that offers extensive job distribution, resume management, interview scheduling, and in-depth reporting. Thanks to its free services, the software is a budget-friendly choice for startups and small companies searching for basic yet powerful hiring tools.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Applicant Tracking Systems:

  1. A good ATS should offer a wide variety of features in one easy-to-use platform. Look out for free plans with automated job postings and candidate search capabilities, onboarding tools, and hiring analytics. These will save you time and boost productivity in the workplace.
  2. Consider the software's customer support system to ensure your team will be guided through onboarding and given comprehensive training if needed.
  3. Ensure that your chosen ATS complies with local compliance, including national insurance and pension regulations.

Free Applicant Tracking Systems:





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Breezy HR

Free and paid options.

A user-friendly platform that features both standard and advanced recruitment solutions, including job distribution, team collaboration, multi-language support, offer management, and premium customer support.

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Zoho Recruit

Free and paid options.

The software offers powerful AI-driven recruitment tools, candidate tracking, multi-language support, video interviewing, and custom workflows on offer. It also offers several free plans to suit individual hiring needs.

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With robust resume management, candidate screening and interviewing, HR templates, and in-depth reporting available, the ATS is a great option for users on a tight budget.

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Free and paid options.

A cloud-based solution that offers a wide variety of recruitment features, including social recruiting, team collaboration, customizable forms, and excellent integrations.

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Free and paid options.

The platform caters to companies of all sizes and includes an extensive resume database, interview templates, and onboarding tools, but lacks a mobile app.

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Free and paid options.

Offers a comprehensive ATS along with additional HR tools, such as attendance management and payroll. The free plan is ideal for hiring talent and tracking time.

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Free and paid options.

The software's free package includes unlimited jobs and robust candidate management but lacks in-depth reporting and onboarding tools.

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A free, open-source platform that features applicant tracking, resume parsing, and team collaboration. However, it does not offer candidate assessments or live chat support.

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Free and paid options.

With AI-driven recruitment tools, task management, compliance, and email automation on offer, the software is an attractive choice for users searching for budget-friendly yet advanced hiring solutions.

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Pros and Cons:


  • Offers unparalleled access to a diverse and highly qualified talent pipeline.
  • Most platforms integrate with CRM and HR systems for added convenience.
  • In most cases, responsive customer support and onboarding tools are available.


  • The majority of free plans lack advanced hiring tools only offered in paid packages.
  • AI-powered ATS are prone to skip great applicants if their resumes are missing certain keywords.

Comparisons Between Leading Competitors:

We compared packages offered by Breezy HR, Zoho Recruit, and MightyRecruiter to help you find the perfect fit for your business.

Breezy HR Bootstrap vs. Zoho Recruit Free vs. MightyRecruiter:

Bootstrap is Breezy HR's free plan that features a single vacancy and basic hiring tools, including branded career sites, job distribution, and compliance tools. By comparison, Zoho Recruit Free is slightly more feature-rich, with email management, interview scheduling, and file storage, among other capabilities.

At this tier, MightyRecruiter offers the most useful features for companies in search of basic hiring tools, including unlimited job posts, candidate messaging, and referral management. However, for more advanced employee onboarding services and multi-language capabilities, either Breezy HR Bootstrap or Zoho Recruit Free are attractive options.

Comparisons Between Breezy HR Bootstrap, Zoho Recruit Free, and MightyRecruiter:


Breezy HR Bootstrap

Zoho Recruit Free


Job posts

Single vacancy.

Single vacancy.

Unlimited vacancies.

Job distribution

Resume parsing


Multi-language support


File storage



Reference checking



Mobile app


Live chat support



Is a free online applicant tracking system as good as a paid one?

It really depends on what your business's needs are. Free applicant tracking software can be great if you're not set on too many features. If you're unsure, give one of our top free ATS software a try and see if it's adequate for you.

Best Free Ats

What are some of the best free ATS?

Where can I find an online applicant tracking system that is free?

If you want a comprehensive yet free applicant tracking system that you can use online without downloading anything to your computer, Breezy HR and Zoho Recruit are both good options.

Where can I search for candidates for free?