Hireology Reviews

Learn about Hireology’s recruitment software for businesses. Includes info on Hireology, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on December 17th, 2019

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Hireology is a recruitment platform for businesses. Hireology’s solutions include applicant sourcing, onboarding, and payroll and HR. Businesses can use Hireology to streamline recruitment processes.


Hireology does not list pricing on their website. You can contact Hireology to get a tailored quote based on your business needs.


Pros: Great ability to track responses and perform background checks.

Cons: Some reports that are generated have missing data.

Bottomline: Fantastic tool to efficiently manage recruitment operations.

Key Information:


Adam Robinson, Michael Krasman and Jeff Ellman




Chicago, IL

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Adam Robinson


303 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60601, United States


+1 312-253-7870




Is there a Hireology free trial?

A demo version is avaliable. You will need to furnish some personal and business details. No credit card is required.

Can I create a dedicated careers Hireology page?

Yes, you can create your own careers page with Hireology, and advertise your open positions online. If you don't already have a careers page, you should definitely invest in one.

Is Hireology Chicago based?

Yes, Hireology is a Chicago, Illinois-based company.

Customer Reviews:

Sarah MacDonald

Reviewed: May 02, 2017

Source: Facebook

I like this system we have used it for a few years & it is pretty essential to our hiring for our company. The only major drawback, is they change things without much warning. We have our entire hiring process customized for our needs, so when they change things it gets all screwed up. Our survey, or interview questions will just change or disappear. When you contact support they send you a template of instructions to follow, that may or may not work. Instead, they should be calling or walking you through fixing your exact problem. I think this system would be great for a business with a dedicated hiring manager. For a smaller businesses, with one person who is busy running all parts of the business, it can really have some drawbacks.

Phil Racer

Reviewed: Jul 10, 2016

Source: Facebook

It ruled out my application based on questions not even related to job position. Employer never even received my applications for five different positions at two different locations. With over 25+ years of experience, the employer never even knew I applied. After doing more research, found out that over the years, as many as 50 different applications in my industry were never received by potential employers! No wonder the automotive industry sucks! Much disgrace to companies that use them also. Your helping to ruin a much needed industry!