Free Recruitment Software

Discover the best free recruitment software for your small business. Includes info about free offers, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 21st, 2019

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Free recruitment software exists to help small businesses track job applicants from a response to a job posting all of the way through to the interview process. With free recruitment tools, hiring managers can organize resumes, respond to applicants, and schedule meetings.

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Our Pick

Breezy HR

Start My Free Trial

Free "Bootstrap" plan for 1 position

Unlimited users and candidates

Access to 50+ job boards

Why We Chose Breezy HR:

Breezy HR offers a wide range of recruiting features, such as an applicant tracking system, resume parsing, sourcing tools, and video interviews. Breezy HR also offers users the option to perform background checks on applicants.

Breezy HR offers different pricing plans to suit different sized businesses, from a free plan to a pro plan. Breezy HR has a clean interface and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruiting tool, assisting you with your recruiting process from beginning to end with candidate management and sourcing, job advertising, email and SMS scheduling, and reporting and analytics. Users will not need any other software to fulfill their recruiting needs.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Recruitment Software:

  1. Determine whether the software is free forever or only for a limited time.
  2. Consider what features you will have access to as some free versions only provide limited access.
  3. Evaluate customer reviews and user experiences to find the best software for your hiring needs.

Best Free Recruitment Software for 2019:

Our Ranking

Software Name

Free Offer



Breezy HR

Free basic version.

Very complete recruiting tool packed with features, including background screening.



Free 7-day trial.

Offers an intuitive interface and applicant tracking software but managers will need to share a single account.



Free basic version.

A strong platform that is easy to use but does not offer background screening.



Free - unlimited.

Easy-to-use software but does not offer background screening.



Free Standard Edition.

Helps with automation of the recruitment process but does not offer onboarding features.



Free 30-day trial.

Can handle bulk postings but lacks certain features.



SmartStart option is free up to 250 employees.

Offers an interview scheduling tool but the paid version is expensive when compared to other software.



Free 15-day trial.

Resume parsing is done automatically but search criteria is limited.


Hubspot CRM

Free - unlimited.

Offers onboarding and professional services but does not perform job postings or applicant tracking services.



Free 30-day trial.

Is user-friendly with many key features but does offer an onboarding feature.



Free - unlimited.

Offers great applicant tracking software.



Free applicant tracking features.

Software is easy to use but the paid version can become expensive when compared to competitors' pricing.



Free 18-day trial.

Offers a strong support team but the interfact is cluttered.


Zoho Recruit

Free 15-day trial.

Offers great customization and search and reporting functions but is lacks integration capabilities.



Free for one job slot.

Offers a variety of plans but it is difficult to get in-depth information on the company.


Are free recruitment websites as effective as paid platforms?

If your business hires new employees frequently and needs to find specialized candidates, free recruitment software may not come with all of the features and capabilities that you need to get the job done. However, many small businesses that only hire occasionally find that free tools are effective for their purposes.

What should I do when my recruitment software free trial runs out?

If you've opted to try a free trial of a program like OneRecruit or JobScore, you can pick a paid plan once the trial ends. However, if you decide that the software isn't the best for your business after you've used the trial, you can opt-out and try another solution.

Can I trust a free recruitment software download?

All of the free solutions listed above are legitimate recruiting software tools. If you find another free solution, do some homework and make sure the company is legitimate before you download any software to your computer.