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Updated on April 1st, 2019

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Avaya is a multinational technology company that provides a portfolio of communication solutions and products to businesses of all sizes. Their offerings range from PBX phone systems to cloud platforms and contact center solutions.

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Avaya Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Price

Unified Communication Essential

$25.00 /mo. per user

Unified Communication Business

$24.95 /mo. per user

Unified Communication Power

$34.95 /mo. per user

Contact Center Basic

$109.00 /mo. per agent

Contact Center Advanced

$129.00 /mo. per agent

On-premises system

$500.00 - $550.00

Avaya Reviews
Avaya Review:

Pros: User-friendly, able to handle large volume of calls, lots of features.

Cons: Dated interface.

Bottomline: A reliable VOIP system to manage inbound and outbound calls.

Key Information Table:




Santa Clara, CA


Jim Chirico

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (908) 953-6000


Avaya Inc, 4655 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054



Avaya FAQs:

What is the price range of an Avaya phone system?

Avaya business phone systems are customizable and range from $49.00 to $1,000.00 or more per item. Cloud-hosted systems cost $25.00 per user, per month and there is also a once-off fee of $500.00 to $550.00 per user for on-premises systems.

What are the advantages of Avaya Unified Communications?

The Avaya Unified Communications portfolio offers an all-in-one communications solution comprised of multi-media messaging, video conferencing, cloud-based infrastructure, and more. All solutions are user-friendly in an effort to simplify team interactions, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and increase customer satisfaction.

What is Avaya?

Avaya Inc is a telecommunications company that provides a suite of solutions and products to small, medium and large enterprises around the world. Avaya is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and services thousands of customers in over a 150 countries.

What is Avaya PBX?

Avaya PBX, also known as Avaya IP Office Platform, delivers telephony, contact center, messaging, conferencing, and unified communications within a complete integrated system. The platform is flexible and scalable and allows employees to engage anytime from anywhere in the world.

What is Avaya Equinox?

Avaya Equinox is a premium solution that works across applications, browsers, and devices used by employees every day. Key capabilities include "always-on" messaging, in-app UC experiences, web streaming, HD video, and flexible deployment on your premises or in the cloud.

How do I get in touch with Avaya support?

Go to support.avaya.com where you will find a knowledge base of articles and videos, or speak to a live agent via online chat. Alternately, call the Avaya customer service number on 1 (908) 953-6000.

How does Avaya phone call forwarding work?

There are various user guides for each Avaya phone system. Refer to your Avaya phone manual or visit their support page.

What are some Avaya alternatives?

Avaya News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 16, 2019

Avaya A.I.Connect Ecosystem Expands with New Partners and Offers

January 15, 2019

Avaya Announces Enhancements to Its Avaya Desktop Experience

Avaya Reviews:



randellojello - reddit.com

ACM is undeniably powerful/strong/resilient but cost money. IP Office is a good system that works with a lot of nifty features and comes at an awesome price. Hardware is very affordable.

WhistlerWhistler - reddit.com

Thought I would share my experience of an Avaya IP Office deployment. Vendors lack of understanding about CDP/LLDP leads to handsets not receiving correct voice vlan information, attempting to resolve this with DHCP scope options, in large vlan environment this is not ideal- main issue, the new J169 handsets are terrible, sometimes requiring 3 manual reboots to function correctly each reboot taking 2/3 mins.

Jimmy_Russell - reddit.com

The only time you'd even consider Mitel is if you have no internal IT support and you're happy to outsource support. Between those 2 systems I'd go with Avaya.

TudorAdrian - reddit.com

Avaya is easier for hardcore telephony people to get into VoIP but resources to learn it or troubleshoot by yourself are hard to come by. Etc.