Best Call Tracking Software Solutions

Discover the best call tracking software solutions. Includes pricing information, customer ratings, and FAQs about call tracking tools.

Updated on February 6th, 2023

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Call tracking software is used in call centers and other business environments to record information about incoming phone calls for future reference. The software can be used to gauge employee performance and to gather data on callers.

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Why We Chose Ringba:

Ringba offers a comprehensive range of features, including automated partner management tools, intelligent call flow optimization, and an advanced real-time analytics engine.

Ringba has a global presence in over 60 countries and offers an intuitive, open framework platform that customers can use to integrate with existig software to optimize their workflow.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Call Tracking Software:

  1. Ensure the software easily integrates with the software systems you currently use, particularly with any web-tracking and CRM tools.
  2. Assess the measurement and analytics tools. You will want to use historical data to gain insights and identify trends, as well as to measure your leads and conversions.
  3. Number coverage and dynamic number generation are key features. Check that the service offers local and toll-free numbers, and can generate numbers dynamically for your campaigns.

Best Call Tracking Software:





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Free and paid options.

Advanced call tracking software. Features include intelligent call routing, campaign management, reporting, and analytics tools. User-friendly.

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From $30.00 /mo.

Comprehensive call tracking solution. Easy to use, and offers great customer service.

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From $45.00 /mo.

Comprehensive call tracking, management, and analytics solution. Easy to use.

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Call Tracking Pro

From $25.00 /mo.

Complete call tracking solution with a fantastic range of features, including campaign management, CRM, voice recognition, and conversion tracking.

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From $5.00 /user /mo.

Comprehensive business communication solution for managing client interactions. Offers a good range of call tracking features.

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From $10.00 /user /mo.

Reliable call tracking software. Offers conversation analytics, CRM integration, and voice recognition tools. Intuitive design.

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Contact for quote.

Scalable call tracking and analytics platform. Offers great features, including AI-driven conversation intelligence.

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Agile CRM

Free and paid options.

Comprehensive CRM platform. Offers a selection of telephony tools and a great third party integrations.

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From $39.00 /mo.

Simple solution for call tracking and reporting. Features include agency tools and conversation analytics.

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Contact for quote.

Offers innovative call tracking tools and real-time online reporting. Easy to use.

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Contact for quote.

Call tracking and analytics platform. Offers a great call DNA function. Easy to set up and use.

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From $19.00 /mo.

Cloud-based call optimization and tracking service. Offers key features and an easy-to-use interface.

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What is a call tracking system?

A call tracking system is an application that helps track phone calls in call centers, sales departments, and marketing campaigns.

How does call tracking software work?

The process of call tracking refers to tracking a business's phone leads by installing a tracking number in paid ads, emails, landing pages, and websites. This process is great to help see which marketing projects are producing results.

How much does call tracking cost?

Call tracking software can cost anywhere between $10.00 and $500.00 a month depending on the size of your call center and the number of agents that you have working. Some services charge by the minute rather than by the month.

What is a tracking phone number?

Tracking numbers are specific phone numbers that are used to track marketing channels, sales, and campaigns.

Can my business help desk use voice call tracking software?

Yes. As a matter of fact, some help desk call tracking software comes built into more general help desk software or can easily be used alongside it. A great example is Zendesk Talk, the call tracking software that is embedded into Zendesk support.

What is the purpose of a call number tracker?

A number tracker can be useful to gather more information regarding incoming calls that could translate into sales. Tracking the number with a call tracking service could yield important data like who the caller was and where they were calling from.

Do call tracking companies need to install my call tracking system themselves?

That really depends on what kind of system you purchase for your business. A cloud-based system can be installed simply by downloading the software on your own, but on-premise sales call tracker software that operates on your own server may need to be installed by a specialist.

What is cold call tracking software?

Cold call tracking software is used by sales teams to track incoming and outgoing cold calls. Cold calls can eventually lead to sales, but the chances of that are much higher if your salespeople have the right information along the way. Call tracking technology helps to provide that information in a timely manner.

How does pay per call tracking software work?

With pay per call software, businesses pay a small fee for each call that is made or received rather than subscribing for a monthly service.

Phone Call Tracking Software

What is phone call tracking software?

Phone call tracking software is software that can be purchased in cloud-based or on-premise forms. This software enables agents to perform call tracking and recording in real time.

What are the primary features of call tracking and recording software?

  • Call recording.
  • Caller tracking.
  • Call metrics and analytics.
  • Automated call receiving and distribution.
  • Enhanced caller ID.

How can I use call center time tracking software?

Most call center software has a time tracking feature. This feature allows you to track the duration of every phone call. This information could be useful if you want to gather data on average phone times, particularly in a business where you are offering customer service over the phone.

Can you recommend the best call tracking service?

There are numerous call tracking tools out there, including the top ones that are listed in the table above. For small businesses, Ringba. ranks among the highest. Ringa offers a free plan, so it could be a great point of entry if you are purchasing call tracking software for the first time.