Best Free Time and Attendance Software Solutions

Discover the best free time and attendance software solutions for small businesses. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on January 30th, 2023

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Free time and attendance software can be used to create work schedules, track time, and more. With a free solution, employers can create a more efficient workforce without having to invest in a costly program.

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Scheduling, Timesheet, Time Clock and Hiring Software

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Why We Chose Homebase:

Homebase offers a wide range of HR features such as scheduling, payroll, hiring, and team communication. Homebase also offers online solutions and mobile apps.

Homebase is easy to set up and navigate and it offers great customer support. With Homebase, users can do their scheduling online, have access to time tracking and payroll preparations, manage the hiring process, and improve employee satisfaction.

Homebase's basic plan is free for one location and offers integrations with top payroll and POS systems. Their paid plans are relatively affordable, and they are transparent in their pricing with no hidden fees.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Time and Attendance Software:

  1. Most free software offers basic functionality, so if you need more than that, you should consider a paid option.
  2. It will ease your workload if your software integrates time clocks with time and attendance software for at least payroll purposes.
  3. Avoid systems that allow employees to clock in and out for their colleagues.

Best Free Time and Attendance Software:





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Free and paid options.

Easy to use with good customer service but the free version is limited.

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Free and paid options.

Offers many useful features with a quick implementation process but the reporting feature needs improvement and the UI is a bit outdated.

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Open Time Clock

Free and paid options.

Offers great customization options but lacks customer support.

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Free and paid options.

Easy to use but there are software bugs and the report customization options are limited.

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Time Clock Wizard

Free and paid options.

Basic, user-friendly option with a slight learning curve. Clock in and out feature needs improvement.

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Free and paid options.

Easy to set up and use with great features but no tax calculator or contingency billing.

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Free and paid options.

Offers great tracking features but has slow integrations with a complicated implementation process.

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Free Time Clock Apps

What is the best free time clock app?

What is a free time card calculator?

A time card calculator takes all of the information on an employee's time card or sheet and calculates the total number of hours. Time Clock Wizard has free time card calculators built into their platform. Employees or managers can use the free timesheet calculators to calculate hours before they send them to payroll.

What is a free time card?

A free time card is a free online time clock that allows employees to record and track their hours through a computer or mobile device. Most free time clocks are cloud-based so that users can access them from any location.