CheckMark Payroll Software

Learn more about CheckMark Payroll - the ideal payroll check software for small-medium size businesses. Includes customer reviews, pricing, and FAQs.

5 min read • Last updated on January 14th, 2019

CheckMark Payroll Software is a complete solution for small-medium size businesses, accountants, and professional payroll services. It enables unlimited payroll processing, direct deposits, and other stand-alone payroll functions.

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CheckMark Payroll Software Pricing:

Plan Name


CheckMark Payroll Pro

$429.00 for license.

CheckMark Payroll Pro+

$499.00 for license.

Cloud Back-Up 1 Month

$6.00 /mo.

Cloud Back-Up 12 Months

$59.00 /an.

CheckMark Payroll Software Key Information Table:


Jim Mathre, Bob Roeder




Fort Collins, CO


Mohammed Ghani

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (800) 444-9922


323 W Drake Rd, Ste 100, Fort Collins, CO 80526


CheckMark Payroll Software FAQs:

What is the price range of CheckMark Payroll Software?

CheckMark Payroll charges $429.00 for the Pro bundle and $499.00 for the Pro+ bundle. If you'd like to back up your data in the cloud, you'll pay an additional $6.00 per month or $59.00 for one year of storage (billed annually). If you own a small business and would prefer to try out free payroll check printing software, CheckMark does offer a 60-day free trial.

What is payroll check software?

Payroll check software or stand-alone payroll software automates the process of compensating employees for time worked. The software calculates hours logged, how much employees should be paid, as well as taxes and deductions. It allows you to make direct deposits into an employee's bank account or draw a check. This helps to prevent discrepancies in the payroll process and saves you time.

What features does CheckMark Payroll offer?

CheckMark Payroll allows you to import hours directly or enter them manually into a user-friendly interface. Capabilities include creating ACH files for direct deposits via a bank or online, e-filing and printing W2 and W3 forms, printing MICR encoded employee paychecks and access to updated IRS tax tables and forms with no added costs.

Can I integrate CheckMark Payroll Software with my accounting system?

Yes, you can run it as a stand-alone program or sync it with popular accounting systems, including CheckMark's own MultiLedger and QuickBooks.

What tax tables does CheckMark Payroll include?

CheckMark Payroll allows you to access up-to-date tax tables for federal and state taxes in addition to tax rate changes for the year. If you purchase CheckMark Payroll during the last three months of the year, you will receive the following year's update and tax tables for free.

Is CheckMark Payroll Software compatible with iOS and Windows?

Yes, CheckMark is compatible with MAC and Windows.

How do I get in touch with CheckMark Payroll customer service?

You can reach CheckMark Payroll customer service by calling 1 (800) 444-9922 from 8am-5pm (MST) or 8am-4pm on Fridays. You can also send an email via the contact form on their website.

CheckMark Payroll Software Reviews:




Carolina D.


What I like most about CheckMark is that it gives me the option to deposit directly in physical checks, its interface is very intuitive and it is very positive that it is compatible with Windows 10. The only drawback I can find in this application is that it is intended only for small businesses rather than large companies that handle a larger number of employees. It would be interesting if it could expand.

Claudia M.


Have used CheckMark Payroll from the beginning. It's user-friendly and Mac friendly with great support and competitively priced. I have always used a Mac since computerizing my dental practice in 1994. CheckMark Payroll has always been user friendly with all of my apple computers, no matter what OS I was using at the time. The customer support has been prompt, courteous and always got the issue solved.

Tonette P.


Very easy setup. Being able to add and delete items in the player file. Print forms to screen then email. It's always updated, I do not have to do this myself. Little frustrating to make changes on checks. Also choosing a month for payroll and reports you have to scroll through every month instead of a drop-down box and making a selection which would be quicker.

Marlene D.


This program is delightful. The support staff walk you through problems, never making you feel like "a computer dummy". Easy to install. Easy to use. CheckMark have made quarterly/year end reports almost a pleasure. All that is required is to double check your input.

Amit G.


Good software to start. User-friendly, covers all advance fields and different tax fields to meet your needs, other modules for extra payments, automated reports. Cons are the outlook of the software: need to provide some more features like direct SMS, email, and other tax purpose forms.

Dan C.


CheckMark is very easy to use, my time card exports to it easily and it interfaces with my accounting system for a minimum of work on my part.

William S.


Simple, cost effective and efficient. CheckMark makes payroll a seamless experience. Hiring employees is easy. The best thing is that they support you if you're stuck anywhere. I have been using this software for 1 year.

Anne P.


CheckMark Payroll is good. Product has many features and is easy to use. Handles all the payroll functions, including reporting. When help is required, support team is there to help.

Cheryl M.


I love this program. I had recently tried a popular program for payroll and did not like it at all. CheckMark Payroll loads quickly, there aren't a hundred steps to go through to set up employees; it is very user-friendly and accomplishes exactly what I need for my business!

Margaret W.


Hassle free payroll processing. Constant updates and patches, with alerts when you open the program to let you know they are available for download.