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Updated on November 20th, 2019

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Sage HRMS Payroll is a part of Sage HRMS but is also a standalone payroll solution. Features include an employee database, a self-service portal, and overtime tracking. Businesses use Sage HRMS Payroll to process payroll accurately.


Sage HRMS Payroll doesn't make pricing available on the website. To request a quote fill in the form on the website, or call 1 (866) 271-6050.

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On-premise human resource management.

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Manage time and attendance.

Find and hire the best talent.

Manage employee benefits.


Sage HRMS Payroll has many standard features including payroll reporting, compliance management, and automated taxes, but it is also missing a few, including built-in timesheets, unlimited payroll, integrated pre-tax benefits, or time-tracking integrations.

However, users will enjoy the product's tip credits, contractor payment, bonus and off-cycle payroll, new hire reporting, and chat support features.

Sage HRMS Payroll doesn't make pricing available on the website, but if you get a quote it would be worth comparing it to the two best payroll software solutions in our rankings, Gusto and Zenefits, which cost $39 and $45 per month, respectively.

It is also worth comparing the price of Sage's HRMS Payroll to products with similar feature profiles. Justworks costs $79 per month, and Simple X Payroll, $99 per year.

Key Information:


David Goldman, Paul Muller, and Graham Wylie




Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

10,000+ organizations and 3.1 million users


Steve Hare


Sage (UK) Limited, North Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE, 13 9AA, United Kingdom

Phone Number

+44 800 923 0344


Sage HRMS Payroll


How much does Sage HRMS payroll cost?

Sage HRMS Payroll doesn't make pricing available on the website. To request a quote, fill in the form on the website or call 1 (866) 271-6050.

What is Sage HRMS?

Sage HRMS is a human resources management software that offers payroll processing, recruitment and benefits management features, and analytics capabilities.



Reviewed: Apr 13, 2017

Source: Twitter

Sage HRMS is the most complete solution for small and medium businesses.


Reviewed: Apr 28, 2018

Source: Reddit

Oh man we have Sage HRMS and it’s a nightmare, I can’t imagine the accounting software.