The Top 10 Conference Call Services for 2019

A round-up of the best conference call services. Compares pricing and ratings for the top conference call service providers & answers common questions.

Updated on June 20th, 2019

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Conference call services are software platforms which let you host group conference calls. Most platforms will let you share screens in real time, carry out group video calls and record your conferences. Participants can usually join meetings via an internet connection or by dialing in via phone.

The Best Conference Call Service Providers:

Our Rank


Minimum Price per month





Free Conference Call






Google+ Hangouts






Cisco WebEx



Adobe Connect





Vast Conference



Intercall Conferencing



What is the best conference call service?

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Are there international conference call services?

Most of the services on our list offer free international conference calling, like GoToMeeting and Free Conference Call. It's usually the industry norm.

How secure are conference call services?

Privacy and data security are a priority for many of the services we've mentioned. But for highly secure conference call services, we'd recommend ZipDX and Cellcrypt. They were designed specifically with security in mind.

Can I find a conference call service with screen sharing?

Conference Calling Services

What are the top five conference calling services?

Is it possible to get toll-free conference call services?

Yes, both UberConference and Free Conference Call offer toll-free conference calling services.

Can I get a free conference call service with an 800 number?

Yes, by using Uber Conference or Free Conference Call, you can host conference calls with an (800) toll-free conference dial-in. That way, your callers can dial into your conference without having to pay any charges.

What are the best corporate conference call services?

As a large corporate company, the service providers which best meet your needs are Vast Conference and Cisco WebEx.

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What are the best conference call services for small business?

Can I find video conference call services?

Yes, there are several. Our top picks are Cisco WebEx, Zoho Meeting, and Intermedia.

You'll find a more thorough comparison in our guide to the best video conferencing solutions.

Where can I find a free conference call service with screen sharing?