Best Remote Access Software for 2023

Compare leading remote access software including LogMeIn and TeamViewer. Access your computer from anywhere remotely.

Updated on January 30th, 2023

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Remote access software is used in troubleshooting situations where a technical support agent needs access to a remote PC in order to fix a bug or install new programs. The software allows a remote user to take full control of another computer without being physically present.

Our Pick

LogMeIn Pro

Access your PC/Mac on the go.

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Connect to your PC/Mac from any computer or your iPad/iPhone.

Securely transfer files between devices.

Print documents from anywhere.

#Why We Chose LogMeIn, TeamViewer & RemoteToPC:

LogMeIn is our number one choice because it offers a variety of remote access solutions with competitive pricing that starts at just $349.99 per year. There are several add-ons available, such as security features, automation, and advanced reporting.

Aside from being a flexible solution for customer support, file sharing, screen sharing, and more, LogMeIn also provides subscribers with free licenses to LastPass Premium, the company's secure password management tool.

TeamViewer works with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Furthermore, TeamViewer enables cross-platform access, so that users can connect mobile to PC, PC to mobile, PC to PC, and more. For companies that work across multiple countries, TeamViewer offers support in 30 languages.

Remote sessions in TeamViewer can be recorded and compressed as needed for training purposes. Full audio and video recording capabilities make it easy to create AVI files.

RemoteToPC is one of the most affordable options, with plans starting at just $99.00 per year. While the enterprise-level options do allow for a greater degree of user management and remote access to a much larger number of computers (100+), the lower-tiered plans are capable enough for small businesses and include features like unattended remote desktops, computer grouping, file transfer, and priority tech support.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Remote Access Software:

  1. If you have a large business, go with a solution that charges a monthly or annual subscription fee instead of a per-user fee. A high number of users can be very costly if the software comes with a per-user pricing structure.
  2. Almost all remote access solutions make screen sharing easy, but only some allow you to record your remote access sessions for future playback. This feature may be useful if you need to keep a record of your activity or use your sessions as training material.
  3. Make sure that your remote access software provider includes updates in your plan. Some remote access software providers require users to upgrade to a more expensive plan in order to benefit from new features and bug fixes.

Best Remote Access Software:





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From $349.99 /yr.

Unlimited users with no additional charge. Generous file storage.

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From €9.90 /mo.

Easy-to-use remote access tools that work across different operating systems and devices. Multi-language support.

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From $99.00 /yr.

Affordable annual pricing structure and unlimited sessions. Only displays a single remote monitor at a time.

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From $5.00 /mo.

Affordable annual pricing. Wide variety of plans and secure 256-bit encryption.

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Zoho Assist

Free and paid options.

Free and low-cost plans available. Integrates with Zoho's suite of business solutions.

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Apple Remote Desktop

From $79.99 /download.

Only designed to work with Mac computers. One time purchase fee.

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Free and paid options.

Comparatively low prices and easy-to-use remote access tools. Reliable but more basic than other solutions.

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Chrome Remote Desktop


Works with all operating systems through the Google Chrome browser. Can be installed for free.

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From $44.00 /computer /mo.

Costly pricing structure for multiple computers. Intuitive interface for remote connectivity.

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Pricing for some platforms may vary by region and/or the number of users.

Pros and Cons:


  • Access devices in your office remotely.
  • Share screens with co-workers and customers.
  • Provide support to customers with just a few clicks.


  • Most starting plans limit features and access.
  • Security can be a concern with some platforms.
  • A poor internet connection could affect the functionality of remote access software.

TeamViewer Single User vs. LogMeIn Individuals vs. RemoteToPC Basic:

Pricing for each of the top option's starting plans varies greatly. TeamViewer Single User has a price tag of €118.80 per year while RemoteToPC Basic only costs $99.00 per year.

TeamViewer Single User only allows access to three remote computers and, as the name suggests, the plan is limited to just one user. However, remote printing is available, a feature that RemoteToPC Basic does not offer.

LogMeIn Individuals is intended for small business use and only allows for access to two remote computers, charging $349.99 per year. However, unlike TeamViewer, LogMeIn allows for an unlimited number of users and even includes 1 TB of file storage, which neither of the other options offer.

RemoteToPC Basic, the most affordable option, gives the most access with up to 10 remote computers, and it allows for unlimited users. The only drawback is that there is no file storage and no remote printing, but the cost is significantly less than the competitors'.

TeamViewer Single User vs. LogMeIn Individuals vs. RemoteToPC Basic Comparison:


TeamViewer Single User

LogMeIn Individuals

RemoteToPC Basic


€118.80 /yr.

$349.99 /yr.

$99.00 /yr.

Remote Computers




Number of users




Remote printing




File sharing




File storage


1 TB


Network monitoring

Add-on only



TeamViewer Premium vs. LogMeIn Power Users vs. RemoteToPC Business:

Among the middle-tiered plan options, TeamViewer is on the more affordable side with a price tag of $550.80 per year. The Premium plan provides access for up to 15 users and includes detailed user reporting/monitoring, and administrative device control, which could be useful for small IT departments.

LogMeIn Power Users only allows for remote access to five computers, but, as with their starting package, the number of users is unlimited. The plan costs $839.99 and also includes remote printing and multi-monitor display, though it lacks the monitoring capabilities of TeamViewer.

For just $179.00 per year, RemoteToPC Business offers access to twenty remote computers for an unlimited number of users. This plan includes device info and grouping, just like TeamViewer, but there is still no remote printing option and no user reporting.

TeamViewer Premium vs. LogMeIn Power Users vs. RemoteToPC Business Comparison:


Teamviewer Multi User

LogMeIn Power Users

RemoteToPC Business


$550.80 /yr.

$839.99 /yr.

$179.00 /yr.

Remote Computers




Number of users




User access reporting




Device info and grouping




Remote printing




Multi-monitor display




TeamViewer Enterprise vs. LogMeIn Small Business vs. RemoteToPC Enterprise 1:

While TeamViewer Enterprise does not specify the number of licensed users available, the plan comes with enhanced reporting and networking monitoring capabilities, as well as enhanced alerts about network activity.

Furthermore, TeamViewer Enterprise can be integrated with a wide range of third-party apps. However, the plan's pricing is not readily available on the website, while LogMeIn Small business costs just $1,539.99 per year and offers many of the same options.

The one notable limitation of LogMeIn Small Business is that it only provides remote access to a maximum of 10 remote computers. For just $299.00 per year, RemoteToPC Enterprise 1 allows for access to 100 computers.

While RemoteToPC is far more affordable and is the only brand of the three to offer enterprise-level packages, it is significantly limited by a lack of third-party software integrations and no remote printing option, even with Enterprise 1.

TeamViewer Enterprise vs. LogMeIn Small Business vs. RemoteToPC Enterprise 1 Comparison:


TeamViewer For Teams

LogMeIn Small Business

RemoteToPC Enterprise 1


Contact for quote.

$1,539.99 /yr.

$299.00 /yr.

Remote computers

Not specified



User management




Unlimited sessions




Monitoring & alerts





Various CRM, help desk, & customer support tools.

Various CRM, customer support, & password management tools.



How can I remotely access another computer?

In order to access a remote PC, you need software that will allow you to do so. Once you have access to the software on your own computer, you'll need to get permission from the owner of the remote PC to do a remote desktop share screen.

What is the fastest remote desktop software?

What is the best remote access software for small business?

Your preferences are probably unique, but TeamViewer is a popular choice among small businesses that need remote desktop programs. Teamviewer is affordable, customizable, and can even be used to remotely access mobile devices. You may also want to consider live chat software for technical support.

Is there remote desktop software for every operating system?

It is possible to get remote computer access to any desktop, regardless of the operating system. However, not all remote control software supports every system. If you are considering a particular type of software, check the specs to see what systems it can access.

What are the types of remote access?

  • IPsec VPN.
  • Friendly Net Detection.
  • VPN Path Finder.
  • Seamless Roaming.
  • Network Access Control.
  • High Availability Server.
  • Overlapping Networks.

With remote desktop access, are you limited to viewing another desktop?

Remote software is used for more than just viewing. Screen sharing software also lets you turn someone else's computer into a remote control desktop where you can navigate and make changes on your own. This makes it much easier to provide remote support to customers.

Can remote support software be used for desktop sharing?

Yes. One powerful feature of remote access software is that it allows both parties to share computer screen views. This can be helpful when providing demonstrations and tutorials online.

What is the best remote desktop software for making a fast and reliable remote connection?

RemoteToPC has a reputation for fast performance and easy file transfers. There is no free remote access software available from RemoteToPC, but their plans start at $99.00 per year.

Can I customize my remote control software?

Your business's computer remote control software can be customized to give a unified appearance to customers and to gather the information that your team is looking for.

By defining your own policies and settings in the software, your team will be able to troubleshoot more effectively and consistently in every situation. Customization features are even available on some free remote desktop programs.

Remote Web Access

What is remote web access?

Remote web access is the ability of a computer to access another desktop remotely using software that gives the remote user complete access by means of their internet connection.