Adobe Connect Pricing, Key Information and FAQs

Learn about Adobe Connect's web conferencing platform. Includes info on Adobe Connect, free trials, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on July 10th, 2019

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Adobe Connect is Adobe's web conferencing platform for small businesses. Features include training rooms, webinars, meeting rooms, and enterprise tools. Businesses use Adobe Connect for collaboration, virtual classrooms, and large-scale webinars.

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Adobe Connect

Pros: It is straightforward and easy to use. Recording tool is good. No download required.

Cons: Functionality is limited. Difficult to add people.

Bottomline: Adobe Connect is a great option for businesses in need of a user-friendly tool for meetings and connecting a remote workforce.

News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 9, 2019

Adobe fixes vulnerabilities in Connect and Digital Editions, Flash left in the cold

January 8, 2019

Adobe Patches Important Bugs in Connect and Digital Edition

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icepenguin -

As a user of Adobe Connect, it's pretty nice. I prefer it for multi-user video chat over Lync, because you can see all the videochats at once in a gallery view, versus just the "active speaker" in Lync (which is often incorrect). It's handy from a document presentation/whiteboarding view, and can also be used for "town hall" type discussions, where a selected presenter (or presenters) have full rights to talk, and a moderator selects users to speak. From an IT standpoint, I have heard that licenses for Adobe Connect can be quite pricy. The admin interface is fairly decent, and you can connect to LDAP for user/group information (such as giving an entire security/distribution group specific permissions in a meeting). Hope this helps!

blacknight75 -

I have had horrible luck with audio in adobe connect. I always recommend that each party use a headphones/microphone to help avoid feedback. In any circumstance when one of the parties is a large conference room or auditorium, all other parties need to stay muted and only unmute when they need to talk. If you tie in for the phone support, it is awesome!

meest -

We used to have Adobe connect and switched because of the headache for remote users not having admin rights to install the plug-in.


Is Adobe Connect free?

Adobe Connect features one free plan, namely Adobe Connect Meetings for three participants.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.

How much is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect's plans range from $51.00 to $383.00 per month. From there you can customize with additional functions and tools.

See Adobe Connect's full list of pricing.

How do I set up Adobe Connect?

  • From the Adobe Connect Central homepage, select My Meetings.
  • Create a new meeting.
  • Organize, rearrange, add, or remove pods.
  • Specify conference information.
  • Invite participants.
  • Accept or deny access.

Find more detailed instructions here.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.

Do you need Adobe Connect to join a meeting?

No, if you are invited to an Adobe Connect meeting, you can enter as a Guest. If you do not have the Adobe Flash plug-in installed or enabled, you will be prompted to download and install the Adobe Connect add-in. It is advisable to do a pre-meeting diagnostic test to check your computer and network connections.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.

How do I install Adobe Connect?

Adobe provides detailed instructions on how to install Adobe Connect. You can find the instructions here.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.

What is Adobe Connect used for?

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool for small businesses. Features include training rooms, webinars, meeting rooms, and enterprise tools. Businesses use Adobe Connect for collaboration, virtual classrooms, and large-scale webinars.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.

Is Adobe Connect safe?

The security of Adobe Connect depends on the safety of the host system, so be sure to maintain server security. Here you can find Adobe's checklist detailing best practices to secure your Adobe Connect system.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.

Does Adobe Connect have video?

Yes, Adobe Connect allows the sharing of a webcam video feed to enhance virtual meetings.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.

Does Adobe Connect work with Chrome?

Yes. You will need to ensure that Flash is enabled in order to join an Adobe Connect session in Chrome.

How do I download a video from Adobe connect?

Only the host of a meeting can make a recording of an Adobe Connect meeting available to others. This can be done by selecting the desired recording in the recording tab in Adobe Connect Central and selecting the option 'Make Public'. Following this, the meeting will play again to be recorded locally. Upon completion, the FVL file with the recording can be shared with others.

Is there an Adobe Connect free trial?

Yes. You can access an Adobe Connect free trial by scrolling down the Abobe Connect website, or by clicking "Free Trial" on the top right corner.

Learn more about Adobe Connect.