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Updated on July 3rd, 2019

The SMB Guide is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more is a cloud-based payment platform for businesses of all sizes, as well as accounting firms and banks. allows businesses to automate bill payments, invoicing, and accept credit card payments from customers.

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Automatically tracks customer purchases.

Used by more than 2 million businesses.

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$29.00 per employee.


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$59.00 per employee.


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Pros: Integration with Quickbooks; allows you to create invoices and have customers pay online; ability to pay vendors via ACH.

Cons: Costly.

Bottomline: Easy to use software that saves you time; allows you to keep digital copies of bills/invoices etc; works well with Quickbooks.

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WillieSwaggart -

I use for a few clients and it's a great solution for A/P. It's a little costly for the monthly access, but the fee's per transaction are 100% worth it when you consider the cost of buying checks, envelopes, postage and taking the time to write checks. My favorite part is how easy vendors can send invoices to the fax or email address and have them store automatically in to review.

MarinaKov - ALL THE way! I’m a 6 year user and it’s amazing. They are the backbone of my business.

Reddog093 -

I haven't tried MineralTree, but is awesome. It has a range of payment options and approval processes. There's a great audit trail and fantastic Quickbooks syncing. Definitely recommend it!

Xblade724 -

Heads up before using - what they don't tell you is that your first payments to each vendor will take 15 days to send. I'm pretty upset right now since I've always paid my vendors in a timely fashion and suddenly I have to ask them to wait 15 days. That's not even the upsetting part -- more so that the ETA keeps creeping higher without telling you. See below: While they say it's for "security purposes", they already verify you in about 3 different stages and even login to your bank account from their site to further verify/add your account directly. There's literally nothing more to verify unless they want a blood sample. Not only do they not give you this heads up until last second, but they'll first show a date of 10 days -- then if you check out your "sent" history, you'll ONLY THEN notice the "bumped up" ETA to 15 days! Then there's an extra 2 business days just to initiate the transfer. Sending at Thursday morning? It won't even initiate until Monday morning!I know how long ACH transfers are supposed to take and I know that I have validated myself to heck and back. Anyway, this is my first-time experience with (with QBO integration) and feel uneasy. First the 2 business days to initiate. Then the +10 days after that for ETA. Then the ninja "+5 days" ETA in the "sent" area AFTER you send it (you are unaware of this unless you check your "sent" tab). I don't feel good about it.

Upallday -

I’ve been with for around 7 years, and I’m switching this month. Their new interface is so awful. The features I need are so buried. It’s a terrible terrible user experience.


How much does cost? ranges from $29.00 to $59.00 per employee per month. The price range for enterprises is only for a quote.

See the full price list.

What features does include? software allows you to enter and send electronic invoices quickly and easily, pay vendors across devices, choose your preferred payment method, and receive payments into your bank account via ePayment, ACH, credit card, or PayPal. also syncs with popular accounting software.

How do I submit payments via

From your dashboard, click on "Payables." From there you'll be able to review your upcoming bill payments, schedule outgoing payments, and select the bank account from which you'd like to pay your vendors.

Is there a app?

Yes. The mobile app for iOS and Android integrates with several accounting software platforms, including Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Sage Intacct.

Where is the headquarters? is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

What are some competitors?