Find out more about Quicken with our review. Includes key information about Quicken, as well as pricing and frequently asked questions.

Updated on September 19th, 2023

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Quicken is a financial management application that allows businesses to manage their budgeting, debt reduction, and investment needs. It provides businesses with a single tool for all their financing administration.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing (Billed Annually)









Home and Business


Quicken Reviews

Pros: Links to real-time data from bank accounts. Custom financial report generator.

Cons: No free option. The full version is only accessible on a desktop or laptop.

Reputation: Quicken makes it easy for small businesses to manage their spending and pay bills on time.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Quicken Inc.


Eric Dunn

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1985


3760 Haven Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (650) 250-1900




What is Quicken's price range?

Quicken's pricing starts at $2.39 per month, billed annually.

Is there a free version of Quicken?

No, there is not a free version of Quicken, but the company does offer a 30-day free trial on its website.

What are the differences between Quicken Home and Business?

Quicken for Business offers more advanced tools such as profit and loss statements, tax reduction tools, and employee payroll management functions.

What is the function of Quicken Converter?

Quicken Converter can be used to convert your old data to fit a new system. You can use Quicken Converter when you are migrating to a version of Quicken that is not similar to your QuickBooks Desktop.

Can I use Quicken for budgeting?

Yes, there are tools and features that allow you to track your spending and set budgeting goals, making it easy to create a Quicken budget.

Can I update to the latest version of Quicken?

Yes, Quicken software users are able to update to the latest version of Quicken. These updates are only available for 2016 and later versions, which means that there is no Quicken 2015 update. Quicken online services are available for up to three years, so if your software is older than three years, it will no longer be available for updates.

Can Quicken be used as bookkeeping software for small businesses?

Yes, Quicken has account balancing features and bookkeeping dashboards that allow it to be used as small business bookkeeping software. Quicken accounting software can be used to track both business and personal finance.

What are the advantages of Quicken Deluxe over other packages?

Quicken Deluxe is the most popular of the packages. It has all the benefits of the starter package and includes budget customization, debt tracking, and savings goals as additional features.

Should I use Quicken or QuickBooks for personal finances?

Quicken for Home and Business is best suited for personal finances, as QuickBooks is aimed at heavy-duty business management.

Where can I find Quicken essentials support?

Quicken has various support options for different elements of its service. These options can be found on the Quicken support page and are not limited to Quicken USA.

Are there any alternatives to Quicken?

Is Quicken subscription only?

Yes, it is. See our pricing table for the latest membership fees.