Learn more about SurePayroll - an ideal payroll solution for small businesses. Includes SurePayroll reviews, ratings, pricing, and answers to common questions.

6 min read • Last updated on December 11th, 2018

SurePayroll Inc. is an online payroll service for small businesses. They offer automated tax filing and flexible payroll options. SurePayroll is owned by Paychex.

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SurePayroll Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

Small Business Payroll


Bi-Weekly Payroll

$5.00 per employee

Monthly Payroll

$4.00 per employee

SurePayroll Key Information Table:


Troy Henikoff, Michael Alter




Glenview, IL


Martin Mucci

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



1 (877) 954-7873


2350 Ravine Way, Suite 100, Glenview, IL 60025


SurePayroll FAQs:

What is the price range for SurePayroll?

SurePayroll pricing starts at $49.99 per month. Adding additional employees will cost $4.00 to $5.00 per employee depending on whether they're paid on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

What are the benefits of SurePayroll for employees?

Surepayroll for employees is tailored for temporary, seasonal, or independent contractors who don't earn standard salaries. SurePayroll enables accountants to keep payroll data in one place in addition to calculating, filing, and preparing tax documents automatically.

What is the SurePayroll calculator?

The SurePay Calculator automatically calculates taxes, wages, and deductions when you enter payroll using an easy three-step process online. Using the calculator ensures accuracy and frees up your time to finish other tasks.

Homepay vs SurePayroll: who is the better payroll provider for nannies?

HomePay is a special payroll system tailored for nannies and home employees and is priced from $100.00 to $210.00 for a comprehensive service. SurePayroll's nanny payroll service is more economical and easy to use, and most of the admin is done for you.

How does SurePayroll 401k work?

SurePayroll's 401(k) service is a separate package that allows you to build retirement savings plans for your employees.

Where can I read good SurePayroll reviews to help me make a decision?

You can find detailed SurePayroll reviews on PCMag, Fit Small Business, and Software Advice.

Where do I find the SurePayroll login page?

You can find the Surepayroll employee login by going to the main website and clicking login in the top right corner. To access the Surepayroll login accountant page, click log-in under Accountants.

SurePayroll Reviews:




Chris W.


Very good experience with this payroll service and great customer service. Easy to process my payroll and reminders keep me on my toes so that I do not miss a payroll! I like that they file all the State and Federal taxes and direct deposit works like a charm!

Holly D.


Lets employees know that they received their monies and they can access their information themselves. Processes the quarterly taxes quickly and so far correctly. Great and competitive pricing. Operates on percentages so if a employee works in more than one department, you have to use a percent and the payroll taxes are not the exact amount for the general ledger. Customer service is sometimes slow to respond.

Pete D.


Fast, accurate handling of our company's payroll function. Allows every employee to instantly gain access to their pay stub history as well as W-2 data. Platform is user friendly and very intuitive.

Sam M.


Overall I really like using the software and support is there when you need them for the most part. It is very easy to set up and work with on a daily basis. It is really hard to set up multiple or unique sick amounts and or vacation times. They are also very limiting on how many people can get in and use the site.

Vanessa L.


Excellent record keeping and pay-processing tools. Supports multiple payroll types. Integrates with multiple accounting sites. Good mobile apps for employer and employees. The support staff are very nice and help so quick if you have any issue.

Hannah B.


I love that the taxes are automatically taken out. I can log each employee and their hours to be assured everything will be calculated correctly. Depending on company size the price can get a little high.

Richard W.


Low cost, and that is it. There is nothing else that you can say that is positive. It went down hill after PayChex bought them. Extreme security that they just want to make this system worthless.

Kali C.


Good software once I was able to access it. It provided a good breakdown of hours worked/sick time available etc. I liked the interface of the website. I did not like that an administrator had to reset my password. I had several password issues (and I use the same password for nearly everything so I know it wasn't a mistake on my end). Every time I had a problem, I'd have to contact my boss to reset it.

Melissa W.


Good customer support, easy to use, intuitive. Every time I need help with something, they are very helpful and quick to respond. They have excellent customer service. There are a few things that could be a little easier to understand i.e. how to run an additional payroll.

Pascual C.


Great price, customer service, and responsiveness. Lots of how to videos on YouTube if you get stuck. The software was easy to setup and the representative walked me through it. I had to get an employer ID which they sent me a link to obtain one. Had my tax account take care of it. Pretty much just click of a button to get checks cut.