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A detailed review of AccountEdge Pro's accounting and payroll software with pricing, comparisons to competitors, and FAQs.

Updated on August 25th, 2023

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AccountEdge Pro is accounting software for Mac and Windows with integrated payroll processing services. As a popular option for small businesses, the platform offers double-entry access, financial reporting, and customization options.

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Gusto Payroll Software

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Made for mobile.

Auto tax filing and digital paystubs.



AccountEdge Pro


From $499.00 one-off.

Reporting and analysis

Automatic updates

Customized invoices

Payroll processing

Compliance management


Mobile access

Customer support

Email and live chat.


AccountEdge Pro offers users a full suite of accounting tools, including billing and invoicing, expense tracking, tax filing, and payroll management. While the software lacks several payroll features, such as automatic payments and payroll reminders, AccountEdge Pro has the ability to import full-service payroll from SurePayroll.


  • The software allows users to track work in progress and create activity slips and timesheets.
  • Users can easily track and manage accounts, including assets, liabilities, equities income, and expenses.
  • The banking feature allows users to make electronic payments, reconcile accounts, prepare bank deposits, and print checks.
  • Users interested in full-service payroll can outsource this to SurePayroll and import files into AccountEdge.
  • Other services include flexible payment schedules, digital paystubs, an employee database, and overtime tracking.
  • The software supports payroll management for users in the U.S. and Canada.


  • The software lacks several key payroll features, such as automatic payments and compliance management.
  • AccountEdge Pro does not offer payroll reminders, data migration tools, off-cycle payrolls, or calendar syncing.
  • The platform has limited integration capabilities.


On G2, AccountEdge Pro has a 3.7-star rating based on more than 20 reviews. Many users cited ease of use and flexible reporting tools as highlights, while some noted their disappointment with its customer support and subpar search functionality.

On TrustRadius, the software has a 6.9-star rating based on more than 30 reviews. While some reviewers praised its user-friendly interface and great invoicing services, one user mentioned that some of its workflows could be more intuitive.




AccountEdge Pro

From $499.00

Single User Upgrade


Multi-User/Network Edition Upgrade


Priority ERP

Contact for quote.

AccountEdge Pro vs. QuickBooks
AccountEdge Pro vs. QuickBooks:

While QuickBooks accounting software does not include payroll management features, which AccountEdge Pro does, QuickBooks users can purchase QuickBooks Payroll as an add-on product. QuickBooks Payroll offers a wider range of payroll functionalities than the payroll management tools included on AccountEdge Pro.

Comparison Between AccountEdge Pro and QuickBooks:


AccountEdge Pro


Starting price

From $499.00 one-off.

From $7.50 /mo.

Customizable invoices

Expense tracking

Inventory tracking

Payroll management

Available as an add-on.

Customer support

Email and live chat.

Email and phone.

AccountEdge Pro vs. Sage 50cloud
AccountEdge Pro vs. Sage 50cloud:

While Sage 50cloud charges $34.30 per employee per month for its accounting tool, AccountEdge Pro charges a one-off fee starting at $499.00 for its software. Unlike AccountEdge Pro, Sage 50cloud features industry-specific solutions, along with a wider range of add-ons and integrations, such as vendor management and bank reconciliations.

Comparison Between AccountEdge Pro and Sage 50cloud:


AccountEdge Pro

Sage 50cloud

Starting price

From $499.00 one-off.

From $34.30 /employee /mo.

Expense tracking


Payroll management

Available as add-on.

Mobile access

Customer support

Email and live chat.

Phone, email, and live chat.

AccountEdge Pro vs. FreshBooks
AccountEdge Pro vs. FreshBooks:

FreshBooks and AccountEdge Pro both offer a good range of accounting features, including account reconciliation, time and expense tracking, and customizable invoices. However, FreshBooks does not have inventory tracking or payroll management features, which AccountEdge Pro, on the other hand, does offer.

Comparison Between AccountEdge Pro and FreshBooks:


AccountEdge Pro


Starting price

From $499.00 one-off.

From $6.80 /mo.

Multicurrency support


Expense tracking

Payroll management


Mobile access

Customer support

Email and live chat.

Email, phone, and live chat.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Acclivity Group LLC


Scott Davisson

Founding Date

Dec 05, 2005


41 Watchung Plaza, Ste. 518, Montclair, NJ 07042

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (973) 586-2200



What is AccountEdge Pro?

AccountEdge Pro is an accounting software solution that was acquired by Acclivity Software in 2008. In January 2018, Acclivity was acquired by Priority Software, a global ERP solutions company.

How much does AccountEdge Pro cost?

AccountEdge Pro charges a one-time fee starting at $499.00 for new users on both Windows and Mac. If you want to upgrade from a previous edition, prices range between $359.00 and $399.00, depending on whether you're a single user or need multi-user functionality.

What are the advantages of AccountEdge Pro vs. QuickBooks Payroll?

You pay a one-time fee for AccountEdge Pro and the software is owned by you as opposed to paying a monthly fee for QuickBooks Payroll, which is costlier in the long run.

Where do I find the AccountEdge Pro download?

You can request a 30-day free trial on the platform's website or you can purchase the software and it will be sent to you.

What are some alternatives to AccountEdge Pro?