GnuCash Reviews

Learn about GnuCash, the free accounting software for small businesses and personal use. Includes info on GnuCash pricing, reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 25th, 2022

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GnuCash is free financial-accounting software for personal use or small businesses. Based on professional accounting principles, GnuCash could help individuals and businesses keep balanced books.


GnuCash is entirely free. Install it by visiting the website.

GnuCash Reviews

Pros: Reliable to use, easy to maintain, and flexible. It is free.

Cons: No built-in security, and no phone support.

Bottomline: Though it may take time to master its user interface, GnuCash's free accounting software is a great option for small businesses.

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Oct 01, 1997

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Is GnuCash any good?

GnuCash is free, which counts in its favor, and it has all the features of a professional accounting system.

Why is GnuCash free?

GnuCash is free because of the open-source movement.

Does GnuCash work on Mac?

Yes. GnuCash is available on Mac.

Can GnuCash import Microsoft Money?

Yes and no. GnuCash imports QIF files. In Microsoft Money, you have to export to a QIF file one account at a time. When there are transfers between accounts in Microsoft Money, it will likely create duplicate entries. Fixing this takes more time than not importing at all.

Is GnuCash cloud based?

No. You can download GnuCash at

Is there a GnuCash free trial?

GnuCash is entirely free accounting software.

Can GnuCash import Quicken files?

Yes. GnuCash imports QIF files. The two most relevant formats for migrating from Quicken are QIF and QFX/OFX.

Can GnuCash download transactions?

Yes. Learn more by visiting the website.

How do I set up GnuCash?

Go to to set up GnuCash.

Can GnuCash import QuickBooks files?

Yes. Output your data in a CSV format. From there, either import the CSV data directly, or convert the CSV to QIF and use GnuCash's QIF importer.

Where can I find GnuCash's address?

There is no fixed GnuCash address at this time.

Where can I find GnuCash's telephone number?

There is no GnuCash telephone number at this time. There is an IRC chat option on the GnuCash homepage. Go to the website to find out more.

What are some GnuCash alternatives?