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Updated on December 11th, 2018

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PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution for businesses. With PrestaShop, you can create a customized online store and sell products globally. Because the product is open-source, it is constantly being developed and improved by developers.

PrestaShop Pricing:

PrestaShop is a free online program and there are no fees for creating an e-commerce store using the software. There may be costs if you want to purchase add-ons or special templates.

PrestaShop Key Information Table:


Igor Schlumberge, Bruno Lévêque.




Miami, FL


Alexandre Eruimy

Phone Number

1 (888) 947-6543


175 SW 7th St. #2009, Miami, FL, 33130


PrestaShop FAQs:

What is the price range for PrestaShop software?

PrestaShop is a free platform. However, there may be charges for add-ons or special plugins for your online store.

Can I get any free PrestaShop themes?

One of the best places to download PrestaShop themes for free is These free responsive Prestashop themes and templates are built by PrestaShop can be used on all versions of the platform.

How do I hire a PrestaShop developer?

There are many freelancer web developers and agencies that specialize in PrestaShop web development. You can look on freelance websites like Upwork and Freelancer to find PrestaShop developers who can build a PrestaShop online store for you.

Prestashop Vs Shopify
PrestaShop vs. Shopify

PrestaShop is free, but Shopify costs at least $348.00 per year. In addition, PrestaShop has unlimited storage and is 100% customizable while Shopify has only 1GB of storage and uses its own coding language.

How do I contact PrestaShop support?

You can call PrestaShop support at 1 (888) 947-6543, or you can sign up for a PrestaShop support plan at

How do I download PrestaShop add-ons for my site?

You can shop in the PrestaShop marketplace ( by signing into your account and locating the add-ons you would like to purchase. Once you purchase add-ons, you'll be able to activate them on your website. You can also find free PrestaShop email templates in the marketplace.

Where can I find the new PrestaShop download?

To download the latest version of PrestaShop for free, just go to and enter your email address.

PrestaShop Reviews:




Andreina C.


One of the cheapest options on the market for e-commerce stores, but the installation process can be complicated.

Ralph N.


PrestaShop used to be perfect for me, but the upgrades and changes have made it harder to use.

Fabian P.


With PrestaShop you can create a very professional online storefront. It's easy to use once you watch a few tutorials.

Lars F.


Easy to configure and update with a very solid infrastructure.

Sam N.


Lots of marketing tools and decent templates. The back-end architecture doesn't always make sense.

Daniel S.


It's so easy to use! You can find all of the tools you need just by looking at the dashboard.

Sergio R.


I can't imagine doing business without PrestaShop. It even works in multiple languages and currencies.

Florin P.


The forums and discussion boards are very helpful for learning more about how to use PrestaShop.

Gabriel G.


This software is very undervalued! You can build a whole store in just a few minutes.

Michael S.


PrestaShop can literally handle thousands of products without any hassle. It works very well for us!