Grand Opening Press Release Template

Get more media coverage with a free grand opening press release template. Includes a free download, helpful writing tips, and an example.

Updated on December 15th, 2021

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A grand opening press release template is a press release template businesses use to create public awareness of a new store or restaurant opening. It also actively invites the public to be a part of the opening.

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Grand Opening Press Release Template:


[Company Name]



[Sub-header: write one sentence about why this news is important.]

[Place, date]. [Business Name] will be opening its doors for the first time on [date]. The public is invited to celebrate the occasion and to experience the [standout qualities of the business] firsthand. The event will start at [time] at [location].

The grand opening includes [special offers] and there will be [detailed list of attractions].

“[Quote from the owner of the business about the business],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[Business name] is a [describe business, mission statement, etc.]

“[Quote from the CEO/President/Vice President about the community in which new business is located],” said [quoted source]. “[Finish off the quote with a word on how exciting it is to be opening].”

About [Business Name]

[Two to three sentences on what the business does. Include significant business partners and mission statement].

Media Contact:


[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]


Tips for using grand opening press release templates:

  • Include a striking headline that is compelling to the target audience.
  • Give relevant and interesting details about the event or venue.
  • Include contact information.
  • Write in a tone that is enticing and exciting, but that speaks directly to the target audience.

Grand Opening Press Release Sample:



AyBeeCee Records

12 May 2020

Vinyl Records Spinning Downtown Again

AyBeeCee Records is hosting a grand opening in the newly-restored DGH Studios building.

Nashville, Tenn., May 12, 2020. AyBeeCee Records will be opening its doors for the first time on June, 21. The public is invited to celebrate the occasion by browsing the large range of vinyl records and experience the vibe firsthand. The event will start at 2 pm. AyBeeCee Records is situated in the old DGH Studios building, downtown.

The grand opening includes dozens of giveaways, free t-shirt on the entrance, and beer on tap. Local bands will perform throughout the afternoon and a special guest will be performing until the close of the evening.

“People love vinyl and there isn't anywhere for them to get it here,” said Tom Tommies, owner of the record store. “And some might be surprised to find that many groups these days are still releasing vinyl. So you'll see that our range is made up of both oldies and new releases.”

AyBeeCee Records is a vinyl record store that aims to promote vinyl records and support the local music industry in Nashville. Apart from stocking new and used records, the store also sells record players, music paraphernalia, and it doubles as a live venue.

“People in Nashville love music, and this old building we're in used to be where some of the city's biggest groups recorded,” said Tommie. “And to open it up again, and have it become the heart of local music again is a great thing.”

About AyBeeCee Records

AyBeeCee Records is a vinyl record store and live venue situated in the old DGH Studios building in Nashville. The store sells new releases, re-releases, and used records, and it imports record players and sound systems.

Media Contact:

Tom Tommie




How do you write a grand opening press release?

  1. Decide on your audience.
  2. Pick a relevant tone.
  3. Write a catchy headline and sub-header.
  4. Include information about where and when the event will take place.
  5. Include enticing details.
  6. Use interesting quotes.
  7. Provide contact details.