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Updated on December 15th, 2021

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An award press release template is a press release template businesses use to inform the media and the public of awards they've won, why they've won them, and what is important about it. It's a great way to get press and call positive attention to your company's achievements.

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Award Press Release Template:


[Company Name] [Date]


[Sub-header: write one sentence about what award your company has won.]

[Place, date]. [Business Name], [describe briefly what the business does], announced today that it [product, service, campaign, etc] was named the winner of [award]. [In one sentence say why the award is significant and what it says about your brand.]

“[Quote from the CEO/President/Vice President/Senior marketer about receiving the award],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[Give two or three sentences about the award and awarding organization.]

“[Quote from representative of the awarding organization on what they look for when deciding who to award],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[In two or three sentences discuss the product or service that was awarded]. [Give some background in context of what the company does.]

“[Celebratory Quote from CEO/President/Vice President],” said [quoted source].

About [Business Name]

[Two to three sentences on what the business does. Include significant business partners and mission statement].

About [Awarding Organization]

[Two to three sentences on what the business does. Include significant business partners and mission statement].

Media Contact:

[Business Name]


[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]

Media Contact:

[Awarding Organization]


[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]

Tips for using award press release templates:

  • Consider including contact information for the awarding organizations, too. Journalists might like to follow up.
  • Include a quote from someone at the awarding organization.
  • Explain what the award says about your business.

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Award Press Release Sample:


ABCD Corporation

ABCD Corporation Voted Best Place to Work in Illinois
Generous leave time and good coffee cited as perks

Normal, Illinois. The ABCD Corporation, a global provider of office products, announced today that it was named the winner of the best place to work in Illinois for 2021. The award highlights the positive atmosphere and commitment to hiring the best at ABCD Corp.

“We've always believed that we've got to be the best to get the best,” said CEO Emma Potter. “We continue to offer one of the most competitive benefits packages in the state, and we treat our employees well.”

The award was given by the Award Disbursement Group, which compares pay, benefits, and work-life at top companies across the nation.

“We're really proud of this one,” said ADG editor Bob Jones. “ABCD Corporation really takes care of its people, and it shows.”

The best place to work in Illinois has been awarded every year since 2000. Employers have seen that the award has an effect on the number of applications and quality of applicants it receives, and now openly compete for it.

The ABCD Corporation manufactures and distributes office supplies. This is the first time it has won the Best Place to Work award.

“We're really satisfied with this,” said ABCD Corp. HR manager Toby Flenderon. "It's quite satisfying.

About the ABCD Corporation The ABCD Corporation has been in the business of making things for the B2C and B2B markets since 1976. It was recently recognized as a regional leader in manufacturing.

Media Contact:

R.L. Potter - Public Relations
(555) 555-1212