Who to Send your Press Release To

Find out who to send your press release to with our detailed guide. Includes helpful steps on finding the right recipient and frequently asked questions.

Updated on April 5th, 2024

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A well-crafted press release can have a significant impact on the success of your brand management strategy or launch of a new product. However, to help get your story picked up faster, it's vital that you distribute your press release to the right journalists, newspapers, blogs, and other media outlets.

In this article, we'll list the steps to finding the right media contacts and outlets to send your press release to.

Who do you send your press release to?

The straightforward answer is media outlets that serve your target audience. Once you have identified the right target audience and publication, you can contact each media outlet to find the appropriate contact person. This will generally be a feature editor, journalist, producer, or program manager, depending on the type of media outlet you choose.

How to Find the Right Press Release Recipient:

1. Determine your target audience.

This refers to the readers who will see your press release or news story once a media outlet publishes it. By determining your target audience, you can tailor your press release to capture their attention and refine your search for the right press release recipient. A good method to identify your target audience is by looking at the content of your press release.

Research the type of media platforms your target audience prefers. While you may feel the need to send your press release to traditional media outlets like newspapers and magazines, your target audience could predominantly make use of online publications or platforms like social media or blogs. It won't be beneficial to identify a target audience without determining which platforms they prefer as well.

2. Identify media outlets that serve your target audience.

Start by looking at local media outlets in your area. By doing this, you can identify the media outlets that reach audiences that are able to purchase or support what you're trying to sell in your press release, whether its a fundraiser, grand opening, or new product.

Conduct research. Go to stores that sell various media publications and look through the sections that appeal to you. For example, if you're interested in sending out sports-related press releases, research the top trending sports magazines and newspapers. Once complete, make a list of all the publications that meet your target audience.

Look at different media platforms. As mentioned in the first step, traditional forms of media are no longer your only option. While sending to newspapers and magazines is still recommended, consider online media as well. These include online publications, social media, blogs, and podcasts.

3. Find the appropriate contact person.

This will either be a reporter, a features editor, a managing editor, or the actual publisher. If you're looking to have your press release covered via radio and television, the contact person will be the producer, executive producer, news director, or program manager.

You can call the station, publication, or search the internet to help track down the correct name and contact information. When compiling a list of contact information, make sure you get the full name of the recipient, email address, official job title, and telephone number.

4. Create a media contact list.

Now that you've identified your target audience, media outlets, and appropriate contact persons, you can start compiling a media contact list. If your press releases cover different industries, such as beauty, sport, and fashion, your target audience will be different. Therefore, to help refine your distribution process, we recommend creating a separate list for each niche group.

Regularly update your media contact list. Over time, new media outlets could open up, journalists and editors could move to other publications, or publications could shut down. It's best to keep in touch with your media contacts and add to your list where and when it's appropriate.

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5. Write a well-crafted press release.

Media outlets receive hundreds of press releases each day. Even if you send your press release to the right contact person, your story may never be published or given the air time it needs if it's in the wrong format. Your best way to attract the attention of journalists and editors is by sending a well-crafted and detailed press release.

Ensure your press release meets industry standards as journalists will rarely inquire further if they receive a press release with multiple errors and formatting issues. It's best to study the requirements beforehand and draft a press release that meets all guidelines.

6. Distribute your press release.

You can either distribute your press release personally or make use of a press release distribution service. With a professional distribution service, your press release will receive maximum exposure as most companies already have a wide network of media contacts on hand. In addition, you have the option of sharing your media contacts list with the distribution service, while also making use of their easily customizable press release templates.


Who do I send a press release to?

Your press release should be sent to media outlets that serve your target audience. Each media outlet has different divisions that focus on specific subjects, such as sports, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. In these divisions, there are journalists and editors that cover these subjects. It's recommended that you send your press release to the journalist or features editor that covers the subject of your press release.

How do I share a press release?

You can share a press release by making use of a press release distribution service or sending the press release personally.