Fundraising Press Release Template

Get more media coverage with a free fundraising press release template. Includes a free download, helpful writing tips, and an example.

Updated on January 11th, 2022

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A fundraising press release template is a press release template organizations use to attract both the public and the media to a fundraising event. The press release should include details of the event, background information of the cause that is being supported or addressed, and a call to action.

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Fundraising Press Release Template:


[Company Name] [Date]

[Name of nonprofit] hosts [sort of event] for [whom]

[Sub-header: write one sentence about why this news is important.]

[Place, date]. [Nonprofit Name] will host a [type of event] for [group] on [date] at the [location]. [A sentence on why this event is so timely, or relevant].

[Give some background information of the event]. [Write a sentence or two on what the event will offer event-goers].

“[Quote from the organizers about why this event is exciting or important],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[Include information about any partnerships and why they’re relevant].

“[Quote from the organizers on the main event goal],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[End with details on what people need to do in order to attend the event].

About [Nonprofit Name]

[Two to three sentences on what the nonprofit does. Include significant business partners and mission statement].

Media Contact:


[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]


Tips for using fundraising press release templates:

  • Provide the details that set your fundraising campaign or event apart.
  • Tell the reader why this is important, and how they can help.

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Fundraising Press Release Sample:


Save the Spotted Whale Shark

Save the Spotted Whale Shark Hosts a Silent Auction for Public
Proceeds go toward protecting spotted whale shark habitat

Los Angeles, August 5. Save the Spotted Whale Shark will host a silent auction for the general public on Monday, August 5 at the Spotted Whale Shark Lounge. The fundraiser comes as spotted whale sharks face increasing pressure from commercial fisheries and pollution.

The event is the first that Save the Spotted Whale Shark has put on. The auction feature original works of art by an array of local and national artists, including Bill Smith. Proceeds will help pay for lobbying efforts to protect spotted whale shark habitat, as well as monitoring of the habitat.

“The spotted whale shark is at a crux,” said Save the Spotted Whale Shark director Kirk Kirkland. “If we don't protect what's left of their remaining habitat now, there may not be any left to save in 10 years.”

“We're hoping to raise one million dollars,” said Kirkland. “That will ensure that the spotted whale shark has the habitat it needs for the coming decade.”

The silent auction will take place at 5 pm Friday, August 5 at the Spotted Whale Shark Lounge on 123 E. 112th St. in Los Angeles. Tickets are $5 at the door.

About Save the Spotted Whale Shark

Save the Spotted Whale Shark is dedicated to the protection of the spotted whale shark population worldwide, while focusing its efforts on local action on the United States Pacific coast.

Media Contact:
Penny Lane
Public Relations
(555) 555-1212


How do you write a press release for a fundraising event?

Many organizations use fundraising press release templates to craft effective press releases about their events. Templates of this kind guide the writer through the process of writing a press release, ensuring they stick to the correct structure and include important information.