Rebranding Press Release Template

Get more media coverage with a free rebranding press release template. Includes a free download, helpful writing tips, and an example.

Updated on December 15th, 2021

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A rebranding press release template is a press release template that is similar to a name change press release and is sent out to announce that the business has decided to change its name, logo, look and feel, and even core offerings. These releases generally include the reason for the rebranding and details about anything new the company is doing.

Rebranding Press Release Template Download:

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Rebranding Press Release Template:


[Company Name] [Date]

[Business Name] Announces Rebrand

{Sub-header: write one sentence about what the new brand says about the company.}

[Place, date]. [Business Name], [brief description of business], announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. [In one sentence describe what prompted the rebranding].

[Use one or two sentences to give company background and then another two or three sentences to establish what the rebranding entails (new name, new website, new logo, new offices, new products, and focus, etc.)].

“[Quote from the CEO/President/Vice President about the new brand and direction],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[Discuss in two or three sentences what the old brand reflected and why it no longer fits the company].

Visit [website address] to explore the new website, brand, and office.

About [Business Name]

[Two to three sentences on what the business does. Include significant business partners and mission statement].

Media Contact:


[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]

Tips for using rebranding press release templates:

  • Keep the press release short. Only include what is necessary, new, and interesting.
  • Consider including a prompt to visit your company's website to experience the changes.
  • Contrasting the old and new brand is a nice touch to add.

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Rebranding Press Release Sample:


ABC Corporation 07/19/2021

ABC Corporation Announces Rebrand

The ABC Corporation will Rebrand to the ABCD Corporation, to Reflect Growth

Normal, Illinois. The ABC Corporation, a lead producer of essential products, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rebrand to the ABCD Corporation reflects the way the company has grown and expanded in recent years.

The company was founded in 1976 as a stapler parts supply company but grew to supply businesses with a complete line of office supply parts. In the last 5 years, the company has developed and grown a B2C business that now accounts for nearly half of sales.

The company will change its name to The ABCD Corporation as well as release a new logo and website redesign that will all work with its growing business model.

"We think the new name represents where the company is going, and where it has been," said CEO Emma Potter. "Specifically, ABC represents where we've been, and D represents where we're going."

She noted that keeping ABC shows their dedication to the business that helped them get here, D shows where they're going, and the rest of the alphabet represents the potential future.

"I hope we get to Z" Potter said.

Visit to explore the new website, brand, and office.

About the ABC Corporation

The ABC Corporation has been in the business of making things for the B2C and B2B markets since 1976. It was recently recognized as one Illinois' best places to work, and as a national leader in stapler repair supplies.

Media Contact:
Emma Potter - Public Relations
(555) 555-1212


How do you write a rebranding press release?

Like most press releases, Rebranding press releases must have a catchy headline, sub-header, relevant information, and contact details. Contrasting the old and new works well in these types of releases.