Best Press Release Distribution Services [with pricing]

Compare eReleases, EIN Presswire, and other top press release services. See pricing, features, ratings and reviews.

Updated on October 7th, 2021

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Updated 2nd of February 2021

Reviewed table rankings and updated information and pricing.

Updated 15th of January 2020

Reviewed pricing and services offered. Added additional information about EIN Presswire and

Best Overall

EIN Presswire

4.5 out of 5 overall

  • Reach millions of people.
  • Releases are SEO optimized.
  • Offers same-day distribution.
Also Great


4.0 out of 5 overall

  • Distributes to top media.
  • 100k subscribed journalists.
  • Includes detailed reports.
Most Affordable

24-7 Press Release Newswire

4.0 out of 5 overall

  • Starts at $19.00 per release.
  • Distributes to search engines.
  • Focused on small markets.

Press release distribution services are used to distribute press releases to reporters and all types of news outlets. A press release helps companies get publicity and potentially reach very large audiences.

Why We Chose EIN Presswire, eReleases, and

EIN Presswire, allows you to choose distribution channels according to your industry, and also provides media monitoring and RSS feeds used by journalists, news agencies, and more. It offers a wide range of great features, including indexing on major search engines, detailed reports, and ad-free press releases, with four separate price packages to suit any budget.

EIN Presswire is a top publisher of industry news and, starting from just $49.95 per press release, is an affordable option for any business.

Our runner up, eReleases offers a wide range of distribution services, including to journalists, global news sites, websites, bloggers, social networks, media influencers, and wire services. It is a simple to use service that distributes your press release to the relevant individuals of your choice.

eReleases offers detailed reports that show your traffic, audience, engagement, and media release distribution. It is a well-established service that also offers free writing guides and PR Whitepapers.

Our pick for the most affordable option,, has a user-friendly cloud-based platform and offers a range of detailed packages depending on your needs. Press releases are distributed to both online and traditional media.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Press Release Distribution Services:

  1. Consider what kind of coverage you are hoping to achieve and what services will provide that coverage, whether earned media pickup, online visibility, search visibility, new audience acquisition, brand engagement, or compliance and shareholder confidence.
  2. Think about your intended audience and which services will get your message out to your target demographic.
  3. It is useful if a service has reporting features for you to determine the success of your campaigns.

Best Press Release Distribution Services:





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EIN Presswire

$49.95 /release.

Targets specific media outlets and offers SEO, RSS feed services, social media posting, same-day distribution, and media monitoring services. EIN Presswire targets very specific audiences and also distributes internationally.

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$299.00 /release.

Offers personalized customer service and distributes press releases to 250 media sites. Can be expensive, but it is the only service that offers a custom national distribution over PR Newswire.

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$19.00 /release.

Affordable and easy to use, distributes for a wide range of industries on their site and over 200 news sites, depending on your package selection.

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PR Newswire

Quote only.

Easy to use with multiple content options. Quickly generates accurate reports but the search box is limited.

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PR Web

$99.00 /release.

Offers a great reporting feature but there are no spell-check or autosave features. The website is also not very user-friendly.

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$89.00 /release.

Offers a range of services as well as targeted distribution and press release writing services, but lacks the ability to add more media outlets to your distribution.

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Reliable, effective, and easy to use but you cannot sign up with a Gmail account.

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PR Underground

$49.99 /release.

Easy to use, affordable, and offers great customer service but has difficulty uploading large images.

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$49.00 /release.

Offers tracking capabilities and has a proven track record of generating traffic. Lacks SEO optimization functions.

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Marketwired (Merged with GlobeNewswire)

Quote only.

Since merging with GlobeNewswire, distribution reach has increased globally, which allows users to distribute their releases to target audiences, investors, and influencers.

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£290.00 /month.

Easy to use with a wide range of services with live support based in the UK, but there is no direct mail management feature.

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$59.00 /release.

Distributes to over 400 media outlets. Is affordable and easy to use but is not designed for large companies.

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Prices as of 02/02/2021. Prices may vary by region.

Pros and Cons:


  • Distribution services can help you reach a wide audience.
  • You may be able to tap into new markets.


  • It's not guaranteed that media outlets will publish your release.
  • Even the best press coverage may not improve sales.


Best Press Release Service

What are the best press release services?

Do press release companies draft statements themselves?

PR distribution services can craft a statement for you (usually 300 to 400 words) to help you make your announcement. They do this by gathering all of the information that you give them and determining what aspect of the news your business wants to focus on.

What is a press release wire?

A press release wire is simply a distribution system that can be used to distribute a press release. Some companies use wire services to maximize their exposure.

Do press release distribution companies offer other types of press releases?

Press release companies like PR Newswire offer other types of releases that can help you to attract more attention. For example, a video with a spokesperson from your company making a statement could also be released.

Pr Web Vs Pr Newswire

What is the difference between PR Web and PR Newswire?

PR Newswire does not publicly disclose their pricing, while PR Web charges $99.00 per release. However, PR Newswire has a faster release time and is capable of international distribution.

What is the best press release distribution service for a small business?

Services like EIN Presswire, eReleases, and are affordable and easy to use, making them ideal for small businesses with a limited budget.

Is it cheaper to sign up for a subscription than it is to pay for each release?

It depends on the pricing structure of the press release service that you use, and the frequency of your press releases. If you regularly release information to the press, a subscription is likely the most affordable option. If your business rarely needs a press release, paying per release may be less costly.

How can I write a good press release?

Check out our guides to writing general press releases and how to write a press release for an event.