Free Live Chat Software

Learn more about free live chat software solutions for small businesses. Includes key information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on January 13th, 2023

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Live chat software provides cloud or on-premise customer service solutions with helpdesk support, live chat, and website analytics in one inclusive platform. Many service providers offer free basic editions, as well as premium editions with wider functionality.

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Why We Chose Freshchat:

Freshchat has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and is equipped with a host of useful features for every stage of the customer journey.

Freshchat's free plan accommodates up to 10 team members, does not restrict the number of contacts that can be saved, and includes several third-party integrations, as well as mobile access.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Live Chat Software:

  1. The option to customize widgets and chat windows allows you to maintain brand consistency across consumer touchpoints, enhances the customer experience, and makes a more professional impression.
  2. Auto-triggers are a vital feature for boosting customer engagement. Some platforms even offer customized auto-triggers, which enables you to create a highly personalized customer experience.
  3. Evaluate the tracking, analytics, and reporting features, as they are key to uncovering insights that can help you improve support processes.

Best Free Live Chat Software:





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Free and paid options.

Simple and easy to use. Offers a good selection of useful features, including bots, multi-channel messaging, campaign insights, and user intel.

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Free and paid options.

User-friendly customer support software with a wide array of features, including live chat.

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Free and paid options.

User-friendly software with useful features, including push links, live co-browsing, and analytics.

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Feature-packed app with numerous integrations. Lacks reporting and analytics features.

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Free and paid options.

On-premise live chat solution with a user-friendly interface. Free version is suitable for small projects.

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Easy to configure and offers a good selection of useful features. Free for one operator or bot.

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Free and paid options.

Intuitive and feature-rich CRM software. Free version includes basic live chat feature.

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Free CRM software with a wide range of features, including live chat and bots.

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Free Live Chat Software

What is the best free live chat software?

Should I consider paid live chat software?

Yes. Free live chat software is limited so you might want to consider paid live chat software if you need greater functionality such as scheduled reports, community forums, and a free live chat app for your mobile phone.

What features does free live chat software have?

Most free live chat software solutions include email and social media channels, at least one third-party integration, and a limited number of customer profiles and agents, depending on the brand.

How can I add free video chat to my site?

Sign up with your chosen live chat software provider and simply download the software to your desktop. On-premise software is usually installed on your server.

Does free live chat software offer reporting?

Some free plans offer basic reporting such as a rundown of live chat activities for the day.

Is a free chat website customizable?

Most free chat sites allow basic customization like changing the color scheme, uploading your logo, and editing the greeting on your chat window.

How does free online video chat work after hours?

When you close up shop for the day, your free live chat website switches to offline mode and an automated message will pop up notifying your visitors to leave a message.

Does free live chat software support chat rooms?

Yes. Certain providers like mylivechat can handle multiple web chat rooms.