Free Customer Service Software

Learn about the best free customer service software for small business in 2018. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on June 25th, 2020

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Free customer service software - also known as help desk software and CRM software - generally includes basic features like email, social channels, and ticket support. Customer service software is used to respond to customer queries and manage the relationship between the customer and the business.

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Why We Chose Freshdesk:

Freshdesk offers good support and good features, including ticketing, self-service, and a secure helpdesk. It also offers the option of converting calls to tickets.

Freshdesk offers a knowledge base and team collaboration for faster customer query resolutions. You can also create ticket trend reports with Freshdesk's free option.

Freshdesk has flexible plans for growing companies with affordable pricing. Their paid plan for small businesses is just $19.00 per agent per month.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Customer Service Software:

  1. Evaluate the type of support and experience you want to offer your customers and choose a solution that best supports your business.
  2. Test the experience of the customer service software so that you know what your customers' experiences will be like.
  3. Read online reviews of the software provider to find the best solution.

Best Free Customer Service Software Solutions for 2019:





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Offers good customer service and support but requires a lot of maintenance.

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Zoho Assist


Simple to use and inexpensive but there is no native Mac client.

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Wix Answers


Simple set-up and the software is easy to use. Some features are still in development.

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An easy to use software but it does not offer as many plugin compatibilities as its competitors.

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Offers phone support and video tutorials but does not have content filtering or SMS integration.

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Offers an array of features but the dashboard is not very interactive.

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Easy to use with excellent search features but the user interface is dated.

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SolarWinds Web Help Desk


Platform is easy to navigate and is very customizable but the interface is dated and lacks updates.

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14-day free trial.

A reliable and feature-rich option but does not offer customer activity tracking or complaint tracking features.

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14-day free trial.

Easy to set up and navigate but there is no document storage or customizable branding.

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14-day free trial.

Offers mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Does not give clone tickets.

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Help Scout

15-day free trial.

Customizable with advanced features but cannot be used to email multiple contacts simultaneously.

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What is customer service software?

Customer service software is a tool that is used to respond to customer queries and manage the customer/business relationship. Also known as help desk software and CRM software, it helps businesses store all information related to customer service, which can be used to create valuable business insights.

What features does free helpdesk software include?

Free online helpdesk software generally includes social channels, instant chat, app integration, organization roles, and ticket management. Some free versions like Web Help Desk even include reporting and a built-in knowledge base.

Should I consider paid customer service software?

Possibly. This depends on your business-customer relationship needs. Free customer service software typically includes basic functions like live chat and ticketing. But if your business is expanding, a paid version will allow you to customize and scale.

Can you recommend any free customer service software?

It's important to note that while free services are available, they usually don't have enough features to create a seamless customer service experience.

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What are some of the best Free Customer Service Software for Small Businesses?

What is a free helpdesk ticketing system?

A helpdesk ticketing system collects and tracks all customer service requests in one location. It allows businesses to automate complaint resolution and manage support tickets from multiple channels. It is also known as an IT ticketing system or free ticketing software.

Does free customer service software come with a free support ticket system?

Yes, most customer support software includes a free online ticketing system.