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Updated on July 8th, 2020

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Help desk software is used by customer service representatives to connect with customers online and manage any complaints that may arise. If you're on a tight budget, there are many free help desk software options available to help run a small business.

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Our Pick


#1 Help Desk Software

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Knowledge base and smart self-service.

Live chat and messaging.

Call center software.

Why We Chose Zendesk:

Zendesk and Freshdesk are very similar products, and are both equally capable, but, overall, we think Zendesk is the better choice.

Zendesk leverages context. Not only does the software sort, prioritize, and assign tickets, it also extracts contextual information from the customer through ticket forms and makes that information available to the person dealing with the customer and searches the best solutions.

Zendesk's content is dynamic. Zendesk's knowledge base content can be translated into 40 different languages, meaning that customers can be responded to in their chosen language, easily.

Zendesk's customer insights tools measure short and long-term satisfaction. Zendesk's customer insights tools measure how happy customers are with your service, predict, using machine learning, how likely they are to stay satisfied with your service and gather customer feedback to help you understand customer loyalty.

Things To Consider When Evaluating Free Help Desk Software:

  1. Consider the preferences of your customers. How do they want to be contacted? How quickly do they expect a response?
  2. Make sure the software is easy to use, that the dashboard is clear and attractive. Your support team will be spending a lot of time using the software, and you don't want them to hate it.
  3. Make sure the software will be able to grow along with your business. Scalability is important.

Best Free Help Desk Software Solutions for 2019:





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Cloud-based solution with many integrations and advanced features, but requires maintenance.

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Easy to set up and use, but has fewer features and plugins.

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Simple interface, has an array of features, and can work across multiple departments.

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Cloud-based, combines ticketing and multi-channel support.

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Easy to navigate, variety of customization options, but has a lack of updates.

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Feature-rich live chat solution, but doesn't give clone tickets.

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Advanced help desk and ticketing system, with good customer support.

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Offers unlimited access to a vast range of advanced features.

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Zoho Desk

Free trial.

Cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes, offers a host of features.

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Should I consider paid help desk software?

There are many free help desk solutions that are more than capable for businesses with a small client base or minimal IT issues. However, if you're a medium-large sized business or your requirements are a bit more complicated, you'll want the advanced features and functionality of paid help desk software.

Does free helpdesk software come with a free ticketing system?

Yes, most free and open source help desk software includes a built-in free helpdesk ticketing system in addition to email, live chat, knowledgebase, and access for multiple agents. This means you can comfortably run a small business using free helpdesk software.

Free Help Desk Software

What are the best free Cloud Based Help Desk Software?

Can I get a free trial of any IT support software?

With a few exceptions, most helpdesk solutions can be used as a free trial for a limited period of time. Zoho Desk, one of the highest-rated online helpdesk platforms, is available for a free 15-day trial.

Is there any Gartner Magic Quadrant help desk software that is free?

If you want software that is worthy of the Gartner Magic Quadrant designation, you won't be getting help desk support software free of charge. Web Help Desk was named to Gartner's Magic Quadrant, but the starting price is a $700 licensing fee.

What is the best free simple help desk software solution?

Free Help Desk Software

What are the best Free Ticketing Software?