A detailed review of Emburse's accounts payable and expense management software with pricing, comparisons to competitors, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on September 19th, 2022

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Emburse is accounts payable and expense management software with an extensive portfolio of solutions. Catering to a global network of companies, the platform has robust automation, spend management, travel, and corporate card products on offer.




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Emburse provides companies of varying sizes and locations with robust expense, invoicing, travel, and payment products built to streamline and optimize spending management. The platform helps users automate processes, reduce errors, and gain insight into how their organization pays clients, coordinates travel, and tracks spending.

Emburse's software includes corporate cards, invoice processing, reimbursements, auditing, travel policies, data categorization, approval workflows, vendor management, purchase orders, and more. With free and paid plans available, the platform is an attractive choice for businesses in search of an all-in-one expense management solution.


  • Several well-known companies, including Microsoft, Bosch, and Estée Lauder, have found success using Emburse's software.
  • Users can choose from Emburse's wide range of products suited to companies of different locations and sizes.
  • Emburse Spend includes real-time expense management, physical and virtual corporate cards, and travel management.
  • The platform offers a spend optimization model, which helps companies choose which product is best suited to their needs.
  • The AP automation tool allows users to create and process invoices, manage vendor payments, and submit purchase orders.
  • Companies can access robust auditing services to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.
  • Users benefit from smart dashboards that display expense data, analytics, and spending predictions.
  • The travel management tool includes pre-approvals, travel policies, an online booking feature, and travel program data.
  • The software integrates with a wide variety of accounting, ERP, and collaboration platforms, including QuickBooks and Slack.
  • There is email and phone support, as well as customer training and strategic account advisors, available.


  • Only certain Emburse products come with a free trial.
  • Live chat support is only available to U.S.-based customers.


While online reviews of Emburse are limited, one of its products, Emburse Certify, has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 1,500 reviews on G2. Many users praised the software's ease of use, robust analytics tool, and intuitive mobile app. However, some reviewers noted that the platform's customer service is subpar.

Emburse Certify also has a score of 6.9 out of 10 based on over 80 reviews on TrustRadius. Many users approved of the software's expense reporting and customization features, but some reviewers noted the lackluster after-sales customer support.

Emburse Products:

1. Spend.

Emburse Spend is a corporate card solution that increases real-time spend visibility. Users can issue unlimited physical and virtual employee cards, approve expenses, flag out-of-policy spending, automate reconciliations, and build custom reports with real-time expense data.

The service is free to use and features robust accounting and ERP integrations for seamless and efficient expense management. Other tools, such as a 1% cash back rebate, email support, and budget management, are included.

2. Tallie.

Aimed at micro-businesses and accounting firms, Emburse Tallie helps users simplify their reimbursement and reconciliation processes. Users can log expenses, export data into existing accounting software, approve reports, and increase overall efficiency.

The service is ideal for business owners, corporate cardholders, and frequent travelers in need of receipt scanning, expense reporting, and travel spending solutions.

3. Certify.

Emburse Certify is built for small to mid-sized companies and includes comprehensive expense, travel, and AP automation services. Users can create and submit expense reports for approval, access an intuitive online booking tool, and automate several accounts payable processes, such as requisition, order creation, and invoicing.

The platform offers a dedicated implementation expert that analyzes an organization's accounting needs, followed by free employee onboarding and training. U.S.-based customers also benefit from 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support.

4. Capito.

Emburse Capito is ideal for mid-sized to large companies based in Europe and offers a complete set of expense management solutions. The service features automatic bank reconciliations, international VAT recovery, mileage tracking, travel management, and expense capturing tools.

5. Chrome River.

Built for enterprise, higher education, and professional services businesses, Emburse Chrome River is globally-focused expense management and accounts payable automation software. Users can create and submit expenses, streamline invoice processing, centralize non-employee expense reimbursements, access business intelligence reporting, and make use of the software's online booking tool.

The service includes robust payment solutions, making B2B payments, global reimbursements, and corporate card management easy. Companies also gain access to a team of expert auditors that offer independent verification services to identify fraud, reduce risks, and ensure compliance.

6. Abacus.

Emburse Abacus is the platform's expense reporting solution, built to automate employee reimbursements, reconcile corporate credit cards, and enforce expense policies. The service allows users to capture expense data quickly and easily, create multilevel approvals, and flag out-of-policy spending.

7. Nexonia.

The platform's time tracking tool, Emburse Nexonia, features standard expense management services, along with timesheets and billing solutions. Users can create and manage vendor invoices, automatically calculate billable hours, organize travel bookings and expenses, and plan time off for employees.

8. Go.

Emburse Go is a user-friendly travel management software aimed at helping companies streamline and simplify their corporate travel spending. The service includes itinerary creation, health and safety alerts, flight updates and alternatives, destination information, and multi-language support.

Its message center keeps employees informed of both major and minor travel changes, such as travel policies, flight updates, and safety information.







From $50.00 /mo.


From $8.00 /user /mo.


From €6.00 /user /mo.

Chrome River

Contact for quote.


Contact for quote.


From $12.00 /user /mo.


Contact for quote.

Emburse vs. Expensify
Emburse vs. Expensify:

Similar to Emburse, Expensify features automation, expense reporting, multilevel approval workflows, and analytics. Of the two platforms, Emburse offers companies a larger variety of products better suited to individual sizes and locations. However, for a more affordable platform, Expensify is the budget-friendly choice.

Emburse vs. Expensify Comparison:




Starting price

Free and paid options.

Free and paid options.

Free trial

Expense tracking


Travel management

Time tracking


Customer support

Email and phone.

Email and phone.

Emburse vs. SAP Concur
Emburse vs. SAP Concur:

Emburse and SAP Concur both offer robust expense reporting, travel management, and AP processing solutions. While users need to contact SAP Concur for a custom quote, Emburse has several free and paid plans available, affording companies greater product and monetary variety.

Emburse vs. SAP Concur Comparison:



SAP Concur

Starting price

Free and paid options.

Contact for quote.

Free plan


Corporate cards


Expense tracking

Multicurrency support


Customer support

Email and phone.

Phone and live chat.

Emburse vs. Zoho Expense
Emburse vs. Zoho Expense:

While Emburse and Zoho Expense both have free plans available, the latter platform has more budget-friendly paid packages on offer. Both platforms feature comprehensive expense, travel, and invoice management, but Emburse has a greater variety of products on offer, including AP automation and data reporting.

Emburse vs. Zoho Expense Comparison:



Zoho Expense

Starting price

Free and paid options.

Free and paid options.

Free trial

Multilevel approval workflows

Travel management

Mileage tracking

Multi-language capabilities


Customer support

Email and phone.

Email, phone, and live chat.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Emburse, Inc.


Peter Lai

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2014


320 Cumberland Ave., Portland, ME 04101

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (877) 362-8773




What is Emburse?

Emburse is accounts payable and expense management software with an extensive portfolio of products and services that help automate and streamline company spending.

What does Emburse cost?

Emburse has several free and paid products available, suited to companies of different sizes, locations, and expense management needs.

Who uses Emburse?

Emburse caters to more than 18,000 companies of varying sizes throughout the U.S, U.K., and other locations.

What products do Emburse offear?

Emburse offers a wide variety of products with comprehensive expense, travel, AP, invoice, and reporting tools available.

What are some Emburse alternatives?