Best Applicant Tracking Systems for the UK

Learn more about the best applicant tracking systems for UK businesses. Includes software ranked, pricing, and reviews as well as FAQs.

Updated on July 20th, 2020

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Updated 9th of January 2020

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Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, are designed for recruitment management and tracking. Each country in the UK has its own specific laws and norms that need to be considered and using ATS that is specifically designed for the United Kingdom will help businesses to remain compliant.

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Why We Chose Betterteam:

Betterteam is a great ATS platform that allows users to post jobs to over 100 job posting sites. Users can also gather resumes and track applicants throughout the hiring process with Betterteam.

Betterteam provides access to candidate profiles, including academic background, work experience, and technical skills, and allows users to rate, categorize, and communicate with candidates during the hiring process.

Betterteam also has an extensive library of articles on a wide range of HR topics, as well as a large array of job descriptions and interview question templates.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Applicant Tracking Systems for the UK:

  1. UK employers typically draw up employment contracts detailing the terms of work as well as non-disclosure agreements and intellectual property rights. A good ATS for the UK can help you draft the appropriate documents.
  2. ATS for the UK will help you to verify that your applicants meet all citizenship criteria for the UK commonwealth countries.
  3. ATS designed for UK businesses will ensure compliance with national insurance and pension regulations.

Top Applicant Tracking Systems for the UK:





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$9.50 /mo.

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. Post jobs to over 100 job sites for a wider range of qualified candidates.

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Quote only.

Combines ATS and CRM software for end-to-end recruitment automation. A mobile-friendly, easy-to-use option with great integrations and a slight learning curve.

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Quote only.

A complete, cloud-based recruitment software with all the key ATS features but the filtering system is sometimes difficult to use.

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Mercury xRM

Quote only.

A customizable option with a good candidate tracking tool but lacks post-interview tools, such as onboarding, background screening, and workflow management.

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$6.19 /employee /mo.

The ATS module is user-friendly with great integrations and mobile compatibility but is not ideal for larger companies and lacks resume parsing.

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Zoho Recruit


It offers great customization options with excellent search and reporting tools and does not require much technical expertise, but lacks a wide range of integration options.

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$99.00 /job /mo.

An easy-to-implement, well-organized tool with useful email and interview templates but it's not very customizable or flexible.

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APS OnLine

$60.00 + $5.00 /employee.

A great, all-in-one HR and payroll platform with basic features, including ACA compliance. Requires purchase of the APS Hire tool on top of the base fee.

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$149.00 /mo.

A user-friendly product with great key features best suited for small operations. Lacks an onboarding feature.

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Quote only.

An all-in-one platform with an excellent support team and easy-to-use features but there is no free trial and the software can be a bit slow.

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Region-specific Applicant Tracking Systems:


What is the best applicant tracking system for the UK?

How much does an applicant tracking system cost in the UK?

Most UK-based ATS offer tailored quotes based on how many employees a company has. Other software vendors offer prices starting from $3.00 per employee per month to $149.00 per month.

How does the ATS system work?

Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, are designed for recruitment management and tracking. They can be used to filter applications, coordinate recruitment efforts, and remain compliant with data storage regulations. Each country in the UK commonwealth has its own specific laws and norms that need to be considered and using ATS that is specifically designed for the UK commonwealth will help businesses to remain compliant.