Best Applicant Tracking Systems for New Zealand

Learn more about the best applicant tracking systems for New Zealand businesses. Includes software ranked with pricing and reviews, as well as FAQs.

Updated on May 1st, 2023

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Updated 13th of September 2022

We updated the ranked table and added comparisons to our top software's plans.

Updated 19th of August 2022

We updated pricing based on the latest research.

Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, are used by New Zealand employers to manage their recruiting and hiring needs by aggregating resumes and automatically highlighting top candidates. ATS software can be accessed online with both free and paid packages available. There are some great Kiwi startups that have released ATS software.

Our Pick


Post a job to 100 free job boards with one submission.

Post Jobs for FREE

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Reach over 250 million candidates.

Why We Chose Betterteam, SnapHire, and Workable:

Our top pick is Betterteam, a global ATS platform that allows businesses to post jobs to over 100 job posting sites. Users can also gather resumes and track applicants throughout the hiring process with Betterteam.

Betterteam provides access to candidate profiles and allows users to rate, categorize, and communicate with applicants during the hiring process. It also offers several affordable packages for small and mid-sized companies.

Our second choice is SnapHire, a locally-based recruitment solution that caters to companies of all sizes. Its standout features include automated workflows, resume parsing, and onboarding tools. While users need to contact the platform for a custom quote, it is an attractive choice for users looking to hire both locally and internationally.

In third place is Workable, a feature-rich ATS that helps companies hire at scale with ease. While its plans can become costly, the software has advanced recruitment solutions not offered by its competitors, such as video interviewing, candidate surveys, and a dedicated account manager.

Things to Consider When Evaluating an ATS in New Zealand:

  1. Some NZ software can be difficult to access and may be linked to other sites that users will have to go through to access the ATS platform, so look for stand-alone ATS software.
  2. As NZ's employment laws and regulations are currently undergoing many changes, such as changes to leave times and the Domestic Violence Act, employers will need ATS software that is flexible and can adapt to the changing legal landscape.
  3. It might be beneficial to use a platform that only provides employers with the initials of the candidates, so as to avoid unconscious bias caused by knowing the surname of a particular candidate.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems for New Zealand:





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From US$39.00 /mo.

A user-friendly ATS that caters to small and mid-sized businesses in search of job distribution tools and comprehensive HR templates.

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Contact for quote.

The platform is locally-based and offers a standard range of hiring solutions, including resume parsing, automated workflows, and interviewing tools.

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From US$129.00 /job /mo.

A stand-alone ATS software that is both feature-rich and intuitive, offering video interviewing, CRM tools, candidate messaging, and premium support.

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Contact for quote.

While not a traditional ATS, the platform uses data science and customized quizzes, scorecards, and assessments to screen candidates for soft skills.

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Contact for quote.

Standout features include AI-powered candidate matching, college recruitment campaigns, and live chat support, but the platform does not offer a free trial.

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Contact for quote.

The platform's intuitive hiring solutions include candidate assessments, offer management, multi-language support, and CRM tools, but it lacks live chat support.

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Zoho Recruit

Free and paid options.

A well-known ATS that offers great customization options and affords users access to powerful applicant tracking solutions.

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Contact for quote.

Offers easy-to-use cloud-based workforce management, HR, and payroll software. However, the platform lacks AI-powered hiring tools and advanced reporting.

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Contact for quote.

An all-in-one recruitment platform that's user-friendly and feature-rich, with team collaboration, automated workflows, compliance, and database management tools on offer.

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From US$69.00 /mo.

With job distribution, social recruiting, document management, and premium support on offer, the software is a good choice for local companies of all sizes.

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Pros and Cons:


  • Attract applicants from towns and cities across New Zealand.
  • Organize and screen candidates as applications come in.
  • Most platforms integrate with CRM and HR systems for added convenience.
  • In most cases, responsive customer support and onboarding tools are available.


  • Most platforms charge users in U.S. dollars.
  • Not all ATS software offers local compliance solutions.
  • Premium and enterprise plans can become costly.

Comparisons Between Leading Competitors:

We compared packages offered by Betterteam, SnapHire, and Workable to help you find the perfect fit for your business.

Betterteam Solo vs. Workable Paygo:

Betterteam Solo is the platform's lower-tiered plan and is US$39.00 for a single monthly job post. In comparison, Workable Paygo is a pay-per-job package that's priced at US129.00 per month. Both plans distribute listings to over 100 job boards and offer a wide variety of job description and interview question templates.

While it is a costly option, Workable Paygo is more feature-rich than Betterteam Solo, with automated workflows, AI-powered candidate sourcing, offer management, and applicant surveys on offer.

Betterteam Solo vs. Workable Paygo Comparison:


Betterteam Solo

Workable Paygo


US$39.00 /mo.

US$129.00 /job /mo.

Job postings

Single vacancy.

Single vacancy.

HR templates

Interview self-scheduling


Social recruiting


Live chat support

Workable Premier vs. SnapHire Custom:

Workable Premier is the platform's top package and, in addition to the features of the Standard plan, includes requisition approvals, multi-language capabilities, custom onboarding, and a dedicated account manager. The plan is priced at US$559.00 per month.

In comparison, SnapHire does not offer tiered plans but creates custom packages tailored to a company's individual hiring needs. While less feature-rich than Workable Premier, SnapHire is a good option for locally-based businesses in search of advanced hiring solutions, such as automated workflows, team collaboration, and data exporting.

Workable Premier vs. SnapHire Custom Comparison:


Workable Premier

SnapHire Custom


US$559.00 /mo.

Contact for quote.

Automated workflows

Multi-language capabilities


Custom onboarding


Team collaboration

Live chat support



Region-Specific Applicant Tracking Systems:


What is an ATS?

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is software that helps employers manage their recruiting and hiring needs by tracking and sorting resumes and automatically highlighting top candidates. ATS is a fairly new software in New Zealand, making its appearance in the early 2010s.

What are the best applicant tracking systems for New Zealand?

How much does a New Zealand applicant tracking system cost?

Most ATS software provides tailored pricing depending on the number of employees the company has or the number of vacancies they'd like to post. Other software provides pricing ranging from US$39.00 per month to US$129.00 or more per month, depending on the package. Some also offer free plans suited to startups and small businesses.

Are there any free ATS for New Zealand businesses?

Several platforms, such as Zoho Recruit, offer free plans suited to small businesses in search of basic hiring tools.