Asset Panda Pricing, Key Information and FAQ

Learn about Asset Panda's asset tracking software for small businesses. Includes info on Asset Panda, free trials, pricing and FAQs.

Updated on August 27th, 2019

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Asset Panda is a cloud-based asset tracking platform. Businesses use Asset Panda to track assets, create workflows, and access important information anywhere and anytime.


Asset Panda's prices start at $1,400.00 a year. Go here for a quote.

Asset Panda Review

Pros: Software is customizable and user-friendly.

Cons: No integration capabilities with Freshdesk and HappyFox.

Bottomline: Asset Panda is a good, customizable and user-friendly option for small businesses wanting to track, manage and support assets.

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News or Activity

January 24, 2019

Asset Panda Nominated for Multiple Awards at Frisco Number Ones Gala

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Rex Kurzius


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Asilcott -

We recently implemented Asset Panda to track our inventory. We have a custom action setup to "check-out/in devices". You can include a User Agreement and digital signature as part of the action. It also includes a mobile app so you can do this from phone/tablet.It's not free, but a very flexible solution.

Dtbillingsclyde -

I'm using something called Asset Panda (, just my luck they made something called Asset Tiger( a few weeks later that was free. Obviously you pay more for some added features but Asset Panda support is a little weak and their features can fall flat sometimes.


How much does AssetPanda cost?

AssetPanda's pricing starts from $1,400.00 per year. You can contact AssetPanda for a customized quote based on your business needs.

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What is AssetPanda?

AssetPanda is a cloud-based asset tracking platform that enables businesses to track assets, and create workflows and actions that help you to replace time-consuming processes.

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How does AssetPanda work?

Asset Panda optimizes and streamlines everything from auditing to facilities management, equipment support ticketing, calibration tracking, and compliance. Asset Panda is highly configurable and adjusts as your needs change.

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What are the main features of AssetPanda?

  • Asset tracking.
  • Maintenance scheduling.
  • Bulk reallocation of assets.
  • Mobile audit/GPS tracking.
  • Track insurance policy information.
  • Replication configuration.
  • Search & change assets with a barcode scanner.
  • Track repairs.
  • Transaction reconfigurability.
  • API and integration.

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Is there a mobile app for AssetPanda?

Yes. AssetPanda has mobile apps available for both Android and iPhone users that can be accessed from Google Play and the App Store respectively.

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What features are available on AssetPanda's mobile app?

  • Barcode scanning.
  • Mobile audits.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Email asset details.
  • Customize fields on warranty listing page.
  • Generate reports.
  • Add assets via the barcode scanning function.

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What platforms does AssetPanda integrate with?

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Is there an Asset Panda free trial?

No, but Asset Panda does offer a free guided tour. Access it here.

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